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Police registration

Covid-19 temporary measure due to quarantine

Normally, those required to register with the police must do so within 7 days of receipt of their BRP. However, we have been informed by the Hampshire Constabulary Nationalities Office that, to allow for those who must quarantine upon arrival in the UK, the 7 day period is now 17 days.  It is a legal duty to comply with the quarantine requirement and it is an offence if you do not comply, however, you will not be in any trouble for not presenting yourself as required within 7 days as all police forces will make the allowance of 17 days from the date of your entering the UK in these unprecedented circumstances. 

Those individuals who are not required to quarantine must register within 7 days of the receipt of their BRP.

New Police Registrations - can only be done at the Hampshire Police Nationalities Office in Winchester by appointment (follow below guidance).

Updates to existing Police Registration Certificates - must be done at a Police station, Southampton Central Police Station, Portsmouth Police Investigation Centre and Basingstoke Police Station are all open for appointments (follow below guidance).


Who must register with the police?

Nationalities of any of the countries or territories listed in the Immigration Rules Appendix 2 are required to register with the police if the requirement is written on your visa ‘vignette’ (sticker in your passport) or on the letter or you get from the Home Office when your visa application is decided.

You can also check if you need to register with the police on the Hampshire Police webpage: who needs to register.  Please note that all new Police Registrations are completed at Hampshire Police Nationalities Office by appointment only.  If Police Registration is a condition of your visa, you must do so as it is a legal requirement.  You must book the earliest available appointment; if there are no appointments available then please keep checking, additional appointments are released weekly.

You may also have to register with the police if you're stateless or if you hold a non-national travel document.

If you hold dual nationality with one of the countries listed in Immigration Rules Appendix 2 and another country that's not listed then you do not have to register with the police.

Some nationalities must register with the UK police
Some nationalities must register with the UK police

How do you register with the police?

If you already have a police registration certificate, even if this is for another area of the UK, please go to the section of this webpage about updating an existing police registration. You do not need a new police registration certificate unless you have left the UK for more than one year.

To register with the police for the first time (New Registration) or if you have lost your police registration certificate, book an appointment to go to Hampshire Nationalities Office (Hampshire Registration - Winchester Nationalities Office 1 or 2) by following the instructions below.

If Police Registration is a condition of your visa, you must do so as it is a legal requirement.  You must book the earliest available appointment; if there are no appointments available then please keep checking, additional appointments are released weekly.

If you have Dependants aged 16 or over who are required to register with the police, they will be classified as "non-student" (even if they are students) and they will have to create a separate account and book a separate appointment to be registered, please pick venue 'Hampshire Registration - Winchester Nationalities Office- Non-student'. 

If you do not book an appointment, you will not be able to register.

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Create an account

You will need to use your email address to register your account.

Step 3: You will receive a verification email

You must click on the link to verify your email within 1 hour of receiving it.

Step 4: Log in and enter all of your details

Please have ready before you start: passport, BRP/visa, UK address details, UK phone number, course details and an uploadable digital passport quality photo.

Complete each section and upload a passport quality photograph. You have 20 minutes to complete your details and submit them before you are timed out (there is no warning for this.)

Step 5: Book your registration appointment

Once you have entered all of your details successfully, the system will ask you to book an appointment. For a New Registration you must choose one of the following:

You will be sent a confirmation email of the appointment and a reminder.

Step 6: Prepare registration fee

You must pay for Police Registration at your appointment.  Please ensure that you have the exact amount in cash £34 or a bank/credit card that you can use in the UK.  Please note that if your bank card is for an overseas account, your bank may charge you an additional fee for using it in the UK.

Step 7: Prepare what you need to bring to your appointment

Step 8: Attend your appointment to complete your registration

You must ensure you bring the necessary documents otherwise the police will be unable to register you. When you successfully complete your registration, you will be given your Police Registration Certificate which you must keep safe. 

Update an existing police registration

If you already have a police registration certificate, you must update your registration within 7 days of when your personal details change. Check the table, below, to see what changes you must report.

You must book an appointment to update your police registration at any venue entitled "Hampshire Update" by visiting: Hampshire Update venues will be police stations. 

You must create an account to book an appointment or login if you have an existing account. To create an account follow steps 1 – 4 above.

What has changed   What you must bring to your appointment 
Change of address 
  • Registration Certificate
  • Proof of address
  • Current passport
  • BRP card
Change in marital status
  • Registration Certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Current passport
  • BRP card
New landing conditions (re-entry visa)
  • Registration Certificate
  • Current passport
  • BRP card
New BRP card or new passport
  • Registration Certificate
  • Passport
  • New BRP card or new passport

You have become exempt from Police Registration

  • Registration Certificate
  • Current passport
  • BRP card
  • Proof of exemption
You are leaving the UK for more than 2 months

Email the following information to:

  • Registration Certificate
  • Current passport
  • BRP card
  • Your leaving date and travel details
Change of university/course


 Change of Mobile Number


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