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UEB Blog 04.06.24

Author: Shaun Williams, Executive Director Engagement and Advancement

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  • UEB were pleased to hear that thanks to hard work by a number of colleagues, the University has made a “fully compliant” submission in respect of our adoption of the Government’s spin-outs review recommendations, including revised equity terms agreed at UEB last month. This is good news and should help with our position as a leading University for KEE, and with our relationship with Research England. 
  • UEB were briefed on recent very positive visits by the Vice-Chancellor and the Vice-President International & Engagement to China, where strategic partnerships were discussed, and in South Korea, where the Vice-Chancellor signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) to explore opportunities for transnational education. UEB were also briefed on our attendance at the AGM of the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) in Pretoria, our final such meeting, and useful discussions with the African Research University Alliance (ARUA), which is seeking to grow research capacity and launch a PhD training programme. 
  • UEB had a further opportunity to review a proposed update to the University’s Code of Practice to Secure Freedom of Speech within the Law, which we are required to do to ensure compliance with new Government legislation which takes effect from August. This has been subject to considerable internal consultation already, and will be formally discussed at Senate and Council over the coming weeks. UEB thanked all those involved in a complex issue.
  • UEB were pleased to hear that on Wednesday this week we will have a formal accreditation visit in connection with our application to be a University of Sanctuary, a national network of university staff, lecturers, academics and students working to make Higher Education Institutions places of safety, solidarity and empowerment for people seeking sanctuary. 
  • Finally, there was the regular review of the University Risk Register, which has seen no changes since its last review.
  • The next scheduled UEB meeting is in two weeks’ time, on Tuesday 18 June. 
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