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The University of Southampton
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Latest research case studies


Our researchers tackle the most pressing challenges facing society today. These range from climate change, global health and renewable energy.

We transfer knowledge and discoveries from our research to the wider community. We do this through free online courses, professional development and higher education courses in over 65 subject areas. We also develop research collaborations, consultancy, technology licensing and the formation of new companies.

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Southampton Archaeology was ranked third in the UK for research impact, recognising the role that our research plays in enhancing the economy, society, culture, public policy or services, health, the environment or quality of life of people in the UK and internationally.

Our work included protecting maritime coastal heritage globally, influencing policy and management of prehistoric landscapes in the UK, and supporting policy and business development in the context of Roman archaeology in Italy.

Find out more about Archaeology research impact.


Southampton's Winchester School of Art research focuses on the audience as well as the content. Specific areas of interest include the benefits of conceptual art in relation to personal development, and reaching the wider audience.

Find out more about Art research impact.

Developing wildlife corridors for large mammals
Protecting Belize's Jaguars

Biological Sciences

The desire to find solutions to contemporary challenges is at the heart of our Biological Sciences research ethos.

Research areas include developing sustainable pest and disease control solutions, developing drug testing that doesn't use animals, take on parasitic diseases and securing a wildlife corridor in Belize.

Find out more about Biological Sciences research impact.


Chemistry has a broad range of research, crossing the boundaries separating the traditional disciplines.

With our innovative and entrepreneurial approach, coupled with our global partnerships with businesses and the public sector, our researchers are looking at the most pressing challenges facing society today.

Find out more about Chemistry research impact.

Helping people with learning disabilities to be heard
Helping people with disabilities

Economic, Social and Political Science

Our research is world-leading and extends to the following areas: gerontology, economics, politics and international relations, social statistics and demography, social work and sociology, social policy, criminology and anthropology.

Research areas include improving family planning, influencing child health in developing countries and economic policy around the world, and revamping official statistics on migration and population.

Find out more about Economic, Social and Political Science research impact and Economics research impact.


Education at Southampton has an excellent national and international reputation for its fundamental and applied research.

Fields of research include improving approaches to working with people with severe learning disabilities and informing policy on apprenticeships.

Find out more about Education research impact.

Electronics and Computer Science

Southampton is the foremost university department of its kind in the UK, with a reputation for pioneering research.

Research areas include leading global research in micro-technologies for health and gait biometrics.

Find out more about Electronics and Computer Science research impact.


Southampton researchers are at the cutting-edge of knowledge, working on solutions to some of today's toughest challenges.

Research areas include bioengineering, support for the aerospace industry, performance sports engineering and finding sustainable energy solutions.

Find out more about Engineering research impact.


English at Southampton prides itself on the quality of its research, the diversity of its outputs, and the range and breadth of its impacts.

The 2014 REF described assessed 100% of our research impact as ‘world-leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’.

Find out more about English research impact.

Improving access to clean water
Improving access to clean water

Geography and Environmental Sciences

Geography's interdisciplinary approach combines social, economic and environmental expertise to expertly address a range of critical and timely issues.

Research areas include forensic palynology, improving the high street economy and managing and restoring our river environments. 

Find out more about Geography Environmental Sciences research impact.

Health Sciences

Health Sciences are investigating our most urgent health issues with innovative and ground breaking clinical research.

Research includes improving standards in end-of-life care, stroke rehabilitation and influencing government policy on the prescribing revolution.

Find out more about Health Sciences research impact.


Our work spans wide specialist interests in ancient and medieval history, early modern history, Jewish history and culture, modern American history, modern British/Imperial history, and modern European history.

Strong thematic interests weave through our research areas. In this case study find out more about the role of music in the Holocaust.

Find out more about History research impact.

Modernising global container trade
Modernising global container trade


Southampton Law School has a worldwide reputation for research excellence in a number of fields.

Research includes influencing policy on health ethics and third party insurance.

Find out more about Law research impact.

Mathematical Sciences

With expertise in a broad range of mathematical sciences our mathematicians are ideally placed to contribute to the scientific and social challenges facing society.

Research areas include pollution forecasting, improving drug development and designing a software toolbox for the European Space Agency. 

Find out more about Mathematical Sciences research impact.

Scorpion Primers
Medical Diagnostics


We have an outstanding reputation and are committed to the pursuit of excellence in biomedical sciences and clinical research.

Research includes detecting and managing malnutrition, developing gene mapping, improving care for patients and helping people through bone stem cell therapy.

Find out more about Medicine research impact.

Modern Languages and Linguistics

We are one of the leading centres for modern languages and linguistics in the UK, with a fresh approach to language study and academics who are actively involved in research.

Find out more about Modern Languages and Linguistics research impact.


We are an internationally recognised centre for research in musicology and ethnomusicology, composition, and performance.

Research areas of particular strength include music history; theory and analysis; contemporary music and popular culture; performance; and composition.

Find out more about Music research impact.

A research apparatus surveying the sea bed.
Surveying the sea bed

Ocean and Earth Science

With a multidisciplinary emphasis, Ocean and Earth Science research at Southampton focuses on scientific excellence with impact.

Research includes finding solutions for the nuclear waste industry, simulating changes in Earth's climate conditions over time, and managing the seabed through near-surface imaging.

Find out more about Ocean and Earth Science research impact.


Our psychologists apply the highest quality in scientific investigation to a range of social, educational and health-related issues.

Research includes developing health interventions, influencing policy on food processing and labelling and improving airport security searches.

Find out more about Psychology research impact.

Research includes improving family planning, influencing child health in developing countries and economic policy around the world, and revamping official statistics on migration and population.
Influencing health policies

Southampton Business School

Our staff conduct significant international research involving major companies and external organisations.

Research includes improving assessment of credit risk, credit creation analysis and helping government provide better public services.

Find out more about Southampton Business School research impact.

Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute

Working alongside world-leading academics from across the University, SSRI statistical research has real-world impact.

Research includes improving the accuracy of Census data and methodologies in small area estimation.

Find out more about Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute research impact.

Zepler Institute of Photonics and Nanoelectronics

Photonics research at the Zepler Institute of Photonics and Nanoelectronics, incorporating the Optoelectronics Research Centre, has been making a life-changing impact on society for 50 years.

Many of the major developments in today’s technology have come as a result of our innovation.

Find out more about the Zepler Institute of Photonics and Nanoelectronics research impact.

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