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Biological Sciences

Research Group: Ecology and Evolution

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The Ecology and Evolution research group’s interests cover the interactions of species with their environment. We are addressing current and future issues of global significance such as the adaptation to changing environments, sustainable use of natural resources including energy, food and water security, and biodiversity conservation. Our research works across a variety of scales, from molecules to whole organisms, populations, communities and landscapes, combining expertise in ecological and evolutionary processes, conservation science, genetics, and modern analytical approaches for big data.  

Ecology and Evolution

Our research focuses on adaptations to changing environment, including the responses of organisms to stress factors brought about by environmental change at physiological, population and community levels. We also explore human responses to change such as the exploitation of natural systems for sources of bioenergy and ecosystem services, and the management of natural resources.



Jaguar, Belize
Jaguar, Belize
Ecology and Conservation in action
Ecology and Conservation in action
Ecology and Conservation in action
Ecology and Conservation in action
Ecology and Conservation in action
Ecology and Conservation in action

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List of related projects to Ecology and Evolution
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Genomics of Adaption to Climate Change in RiceActive
The contribution of plasticity to adaptive divergence: domestication as a modelActive
Tropical montane forests: investigating the effects of fragmentation and environmental change on montane moths (Lepidoptera)Active
Promoting resilience of subsistence farming to El Niño events in Papua New Guinea: an integrated socio-ecological approachActive
Enhancing ecosystem functioning to improve resilience of subsistence farming in Papua New GuineaActive
Parallel domestication as a model to understand the repeatability of phenotypic evolutionActive
Investigating the role of the hindlimb in the evolution of avian flightActive
The effects of climate change on the distribution, biodiversity and ecosystem services of tropical montane forestsActive
Drought tolerance and nutrition in underutilised legume cropsActive
Tropical Montane Forests: The Ecology and Conservation of Cryptic Anurans Active
A Description of new baryonychine (Theropoda: Spinosauridae) material and assessment of trigeminal (palaeo) neuroanatomy in extinct and extant archosaursActive
Comparative placentology using nanoscale and three-dimensional imaging Active
Biodiversity, Ecosystem Functions and Policy Across a Tropical Forest Modification GradientActive
Plant-Microbe interactions in a changing climateActive
Wildlife corridors for large mammals in BelizeActive
The importance of rare species in tropical forestsActive
Acoustic environmental monitoring: a low-cost efficient tool for evaluating human exploitation of tropical forests Active
Developing a framework for Transboundary ConservationActive
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