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Chevening Scholars Class of 2015/16: Top Tips

This week, we bid farewell to our 2015/16 Chevening scholars who have been studying with us on a range of specialist Masters courses since last September. We hope their time here in Southampton has been insightful and we wish them all the best with their future endeavours.

Before we said our goodbyes, these students were kind enough to leave behind some top tips for our next cohort of Chevening scholars. From suggestions of where to shop to how to make the most of your time as a student in Southampton, these tips are useful for all of our international students so check them out below!

Chevening Scholars


• Travel around the UK and learn about British Heritage and Culture

• Make friends from different cultures, religions, backgrounds and walks of life.

• Have the most fun and create wonderful memories with friends BUT make sure you do great in your studies and be proud of the results.



• Affordable clothing at Primark

• Get your bank account sorted ASAP

• Don’t even get an umbrella, just get a warm water-resistant jacket

• Always ask for student discount

• Go away over weekends: Brighton, Bournemouth and Winchester day trips



• Make the most of charity shops, good deals on the high st brands

• Make sure you bring a traditional/local outfit to showcase your culture at social events.

• Consider a private rent: you can get to know more of Southampton and save ££

• Make the most of the “3 days” of summer: TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL!

• Get all the student benefits; i.e discounted apps like unidays and, rail card, etc.



• Network as much as you can

• Make good use of the library

• Discover/ explore the UK’s hidden beauty

• Please don’t just study




• Be cool, everything works out

• Be open minded

• Be flexible to get out of the comfort zone

• Seize all opportunities given to you: societies, events, academic literature, diverse group of friends, everything!!



• Ask questions in class

• Be prepared to be stretched

• Make friends and have fun

• Take advantage of all the school has to offer



• Choose Halls: Advantages: No bills (gas, electricity, WIFI), Safety, Free bus pass

• Get a national express card

• Manage your time well

• Get a UK host family ASAP

• Always communicate with your personal tutor

• Study in advance- can always sleep in the library—they have free showers!

• Remember to have fun and take it easy



• Chevening is not only about studying in the classroom, but about making the most of your time out of class

• Time flies here in the UK, so enjoy every single moment of being here



• Take time to enjoy your time in Southampton

• Explore neighbouring towns and cities

• Mix and make friends



• Take advantage of the library; it has amazing resources

• Check out all the buildings on the campus

• Get a gym membership to balance out all the instant ramen noodles you’ll be eating

• Make sure you find time to relax and travel the UK- You’ll love it

• Bring gifts for me—I need comfort after my dissertation



• Get railcard (16-35) and coach card to save money on transport

• Amazon student discount—Free Amazon prime for 6 months

• Shop around to save money
• Travel!



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