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There was no doubt that the United Kingdom has almost every famous place and spot in the whole world. From London to Edinburgh, everyone can name at least five famous spots in these cities. From Big Ben to Edinburgh Castle where Harry Potter movie set took place. But it was not only Harry Potter Fans but also photography enthusiasts, who were amazed by the beauty of the castle. Those who pursue medieval architecture will find that every nooks and cranny are full of history and possess amazing beauty. It is not just these more famous landmarks, however, which offer the opportunity for incredible photographs, but also other landmarks which lie between London and the Northern UK. For those who love to travel into the wild, embracing nature, the United Kingdom also possesses an unbelievable wild view.
From the Isle of Wight, Jurassic Coast, and other beautiful places in the Southern UK to the Isle of Skye, and in the middle, the Lake District, and Peak District. The UK have so many incredibly beautiful places which would make you hold your breath for their beauty.
This time, let us talk about the Lake District. The Lake District, according to Lonely Planet, is the most popular national park in the UK. Its hills, mountain, rivers, and also lakes (as it called, there are a lot of lakes exist in Lake District), is famous for stirring its visitors imagination to the medieval age and images of Hobbiton’s JRR Tolkien. Its total area amounts to around 2.4km2 and the highest peak in this national park is Scafell Pike, which is also the highest point in England (3,209 ft).

Hike, hike, 1 mile!

Unfortunately, we are not going to talk about Scafell Pike, but instead about Cat Bells Pike. Cat Bells Pike are the second highest point after Scafell Pike, its height is about 1,408 ft.

Here is why this peak called Cat Bells, does it not looks like a cat paw?

For those of you who are enthusiasts of hiking, mountain biking, photography, or even swimming, this place will be your heaven on earth in the UK. I come from a mountainous country, Indonesia, with mountains 3000m above the sea level, so I thought that hiking to Cat Bells would be easy. But…..if you are like me, you must not think so. Trust me, it is not easy.

Starting from Cumbria and heading towards Keswick strong winds welcome you even at this low height.

I am thinking it must be because I went there in early winter– like I need another challenge, together with some friends, we go to Lake District and hike in WINTER! But that was not a bad idea, a little crazy? Yes, absolutely! But completely worth it!

Heading to the peak with old NIKON D3200 and 18-55mm lens is not easy because the winds are very strong and it feels like going it’s going to blow you away. It takes quite a long time to reach the peak, but it’s not just the distance and the wind that slows you down but also the view! With my camera at hand, I would find myself stopping almost every step and turning around, clicking my shutter and taking lots of photos before walking again. I needed as much photographic evidence as possible because the beauty of this place was just unbelievable!

I was so tired when we almost reached the top of Cat Bells and I was doubt whether I could hike much further because the stepping stones were increasingly steep and I was unsure I could make it!  (Plus height is actually one of my weak points). But encouraged by my beloved friends, I made it to the top!! Yay! Peak!

The View from Cat Bells Peak.

Photography is one of my passion. Being behind the lens with my eyes looking from the shutter window is my favourite. Seeing things through your camera, using your shutter window, can help you see things completely differently. You can see magic from that tiny shutter window, and all but hope you can catch the magic, and share it with the world for them to see it too. So, here is my story about the magic of Cat Bells.

Walking Through The Dragon’s Spine.


Pardon our selfie!

Thank you, Cat Bells! An amazing journey in the end of 2016!

Oh one more, and you can visit Lake Windermere too! Not too far from Cat Bells. The lake view is totally beautiful!

Lake Windermere.

Best spot to hunt photos of bird and duck? And probably swan.

And so, there, our adventure ends and year 2016 also ends. But here we are in 2017! Let’s believe there are more adventures to come! For more adventure and pictures, join me on Instagram @ way_whyu and @ And if you are also a photography enthusiast like myself, let’s hunt some magic together.

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