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The Beginning: the opportunity for growth, discovery, and expression


Photo: my city with its wonderful art

My name is Eva, a Santander scholar from a small town located in the Northwestern Mexican state of Sonora. An average girl who has arrived with a pair of new boots and a lot of dreams in her luggage.

An image I had held in my mind for a long time began to materialize in October, when I officially started my Ph.D. in Biological Sciences at the University of Southampton. Now, a month on,  I would like to start this blog by sharing my story and the motivations that brought me here.

My story began when I made the decision to continue growing in my professional life as a young researcher. This decision was driven by my interest in the biological basis, causes, and treatments of Alzheimer’s disease and neurodegeneration. It was then that, by deeply investigating the strategies of Alzheimer’s disease and neurodegenerative research in Mexican and international groups, I found the interesting and promising, research work at the University of Southampton. In particular, the research group led by Professor Amrit Mudher.



Photo: Valley Gardens- University of Southampton

While for many, pursuing a doctoral degree -especially abroad- is not the most appealing activity, for me, it represented a challenging and inspiring source for self-development. So, I decided to go for it.

Nonetheless, the process of actually getting abroad to study my Ph.D. has been a long and difficult process. However, I have been incredibly fortunate as my parents have always encouraged me to make decisions based on what I feel is right for myself. I have realized, thanks to them, the importance of making my own choices in this life and being involved in something that I love and I am passionate about is always the best and the right choice, no matter how difficult or impossible it seems to be. At the end, my desires were so strong that there was nowhere to go but forward.

So this is my advice for you: take your luggage full of dreams  and throw yourself into the world.


Photo: my incredible parents and my younger brother

Finally, I would like to add that I have begun to think that this will be the place that will see me grow from a young adult and dreamer, to a woman with the strength and maturity to forge her own way. As such, I am very grateful for the opportunity that Santander Digital Scholarship has given me to share with you this great life experience.

From now on, you are cordially invited to enter my world. Wait with me for great things!!!

See you soon!

Eva Ruiz

Santander Digital Scholar

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