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The journey to feeling settled

It’s not out of the question that studying abroad is a unique experience in life and is highly recommended. However, it’s fair to mention that is also accompanied by many challenges to face. For that reason, I’ve decided to create this week’s content on what I’ve found useful to overcome emotional difficulties and settling in as soon as possible on this crazy adventure.

There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.- Morpheus

You can’t overcome fear without moving through it

People often talk about how life is always full of opportunities. And how you always have to be ready to take advantage of them. But no one talks about how vast and deep the world may seem to you. No one ever mentions fear. Nor how to deal with it. It’s not until you’re suddenly there, standing at the beginning of the road when you realize that you must find the strength to keep going. Having no idea what to expect, you just go like the blind…

Despite this, feeling scared is fine. Feeling anxious is also okay. The key is transforming those feelings into something else. After all, not knowing what awaits you on the other side doesn’t have to be something negative. In fact, this state of uncertainty can build the perfect setting for you to live an unprecedented experience.

So, having a positive attitude is quite important.

Home is not a place but a feeling

For me, home was that place where I woke up every morning with the aroma of the best coffee and surrounded by my family. But also, home was a hug. A call. Even a look into the eyes. So, that has to be home, a feeling. And despite the distance, is important to make an effort to reap that feeling no matter where you are.

As I’ve done, it is likely that you also found a connection with your culture and home

How to make a place your home and fight against anxiety?

  • Stay busy and get involved.
  • Go traveling around.
  • Make an effort to make Friends.
  • Keep always a balance between chatting on skype with your family and other social activities in your current environment.
  • Be happy! And remember: happiness can be found by simply lying down, watching TV. But true happiness comes from fulfilling what you are supposed to do. After struggling and succeeding.

So, walk steadily and patient. One step at a time. One goal, then another.

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