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We currently offer Minors in the following subject areas.  For further information and to check your programme of study is eligible to take a specific Minor, please check on the Programme Catalogue.

American Studies (please note that this is not open to new applicants)

This minor enables you to acquire a fresh perspective on the United States, rooted in an enhanced understanding of the nature of American society. You will pursue a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary approach to the study of American life, history and culture. American Studies has an intrinsic interest, but it will also complement a wider cultural engagement across the whole of your undergraduate programme.


Social and cultural differences are an important contemporary issue. By taking this minor you will develop skills for analysing cultural phenomena, through theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of other cultures.

Anthropology Minor Specification

Applied Economics

All modules in this minor will be covering contemporary economic issues of public concern, so they will be of immediate relevance in the world. This will enable you to develop skills for analysing economic events.

Applied Economics Minor Specification

PLEASE NOTE - This Minor is not available to students who are studying BSc Economics.


A minor in Archaeology enables you to discover a fresh discipline rooted in both the arts and the sciences. Working with forms of evidence you are unlikely to have encountered previously, you will acquire a long view of how men and women have developed as social beings. You will foster your intellectual curiosity and acquire a set of skills that are unique, but nevertheless of inherent value beyond university.

Archaeology Minor Specification

Creative Writing

A minor in Creative Writing enables you to develop your skills and confidence as a writer in specific genres of your choice and encourages you to be critically self-aware and capable of a self-reflexive grasp of the creative process. You will be trained to articulate, in discussion and essays, a critical analysis of your own and others' creative work. You will gain an understanding of the theoretical and conceptual issues involved in writing.

Creative Writing Minor Specification

PLEASE NOTE - This Minor is not available to students who are studying a Single or Joint Honours programme in English.


This minor allows you to study contemporary issues about the social and political aspects of crime and criminal justice. You will gain skills for analysing crime as a social and political phenomenon, through theoretical and methodological approaches.

Criminology Minor Specification


In this minor you will learn about contemporary issues about population change and developments. You will develop skills for analysing issues such as population growth, migration and health, through theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of population.

Demography Minor Specification

Ecology and Evolution

The Ecology and Evolution minor follows the 'Ecology and Evolution' stream that is part of the BSc Biology and BSc Zoology within the Centre for Biological Sciences (CfBS). After a basic module (Ecology and Evolution) in year 1, you will take one second year module in Ecology and one second year module in Evolution. In year 3, you will take two modules from a choice of four, allowing a level of specialisation.

Ecology and Evolution Minor Specification

Economic History

This minor will allow for the study of how human societies interact with their economics across time. It also covers any quantitative approach to historical data including the development of technologies and their effects on economic life; economic development across time and space; and urban history and economic theory applied to historical questions.

Economic History Minor Specification


This minor will enable you to understand the contribution that education can make in a changing world. You will develop your critical, analytical and communication skills. If you are interested in going into teaching in the future, it will give you a good basis for applying for teaching routes, but the knowledge and skills you gain can also be used in many different future careers.

Education Minor Specification


A minor in English enables you to gain a rich acquaintance with literary culture and its forms. You will explore how literary debates and texts can enrich your understanding of other disciplines within and beyond themselves, whilst improving your analytical, discursive and writing skills.

English Minor Specification

Film Studies

A minor in Film Studies enables you to gain fresh insight into the most influential form of communication over the past 125 years. You will develop an understanding of how film in a variety of forms shapes the way we view the world and enhance your understanding of other cultures through critical analysis of international cinema.

Film Studies Minor Specification

Geography - Human Geography

This minor allows you to learn key Geographical concepts and be part of an exciting community of scholars within a research-led teaching environment.  Human Geography students get an opportunity to study topics such as Globalisation and Spatial inequalities, all geography minor students get an opportunity to study the new 'Dangerous World' module.

Human Geography Minor Specification

Geography - Physical Geography

This minor allows you to learn key Geographical concepts and be part of an exciting community of scholars within a research-led teaching environment.  Physical Geography students focus on Global Climate Change and Geomorphological Processes, all geography minor students get an opportunity to study the new 'Dangerous World' module.

Physical Geography Minor Specification


In this minor you will explore the differences between the past and the present, and thereby develop an analytical and a critical awareness of today's problems. Become acquainted with less familiar societies from the past, ranging from the ancient to the contemporary world and develop a set of communication and investigative skills invaluable in the world of work.

History Minor Specification

International Relations

This minor approaches the study of International Relations in theoretical and methodological ways. You will gain skills for analysing contemporary international and global events to identify the issues.

International Relations Minor Specification


It is language that makes us human and use of language underpins every other discipline. Every subject involves communication and this is made possible by language. A minor in Linguistics enables you to gain a unique insight into the nature of language and the basic principles of communication. You will explore in increasing depth conflicting and complementary theories about language acquisition and development, and their practical application.

Linguistics Minor Specification


This minor offers an exciting, multi-disciplinary opportunity to study the topic of human migration from many different angles: spatial, demographic, economic, social, political and cultural. By combining modules from various subject areas, you will not only gain broad knowledge and understanding of one of the most hotly debated social processes of the modern world, but will also develop a range of practical skills, both generic and subject-specific.

Migration Minor Specification

Modern Languages

A minor in Modern Languages enables you to build upon your present capability in a foreign language, or gain linguistic competence in a new language. Where appropriate you can also enrich you other studies by reading texts in the original language.

Modern Languages Minor Specification (Generic)

IMPORTANT - you should select your first language minor module in semester one of your first year. Please see the Languages page for further details.


This minor enables you to study music from a wide range of genres and time periods, from rock to classical, from early music to contemporary. You will explore relationships between music, other artistic and cultural practices and historical developments. You will develop your music listening and appreciation skills, as well as your analytical and writing abilities.

Music Minor Specification

Philosophy (not running in 2016/17)

A minor in Philosophy enables you to explore and try to resolve fundamental issues and profound questions which bear on any area of study, such as 'How should we live?', 'Is knowledge possible?' and 'What is the mind?' You will develop advanced skills in reasoning, argument and critical thinking; skills which are invaluable both within and beyond the university.


In this minor you will learn about the contemporary issues in government and political events, many of which you see everyday on the news. The skills for analysing these political events will be gained through theoretical and methodological approaches.

Politics Minor Specification


This minor enables you to explore a scientific approach to understanding human thought and behaviour. Across the three years, you will be introduced to the essential tenets of psychological theory including cognition, and social and individual wellbeing. Students can choose from key areas in psychology, including neuroscience, cognitive psychology, individual differences, social psychology, perception and developmental psychology.

Psychology Minor Specification

Psychology Minor Specification [2014/15 and 2015/16 Entry]

Public Policy

This minor provides a basic grounding in the theories, issues and methodologies which are central to the study of Public Policy, in order to explore and understand how the policy process works, how problems are defined in policy terms, and how public policy is made and how policy interventions are designed across a range of policy sectors and societal issues.

Public Policy Minor Specification

Social Policy

A minor in Social Policy demonstrates knowledge of contemporary issues in the development and analysis of Social Policy. You will gain skills for analysing the design and effectiveness of social policies through theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of Social Policy.

Social Policy Minor Specification


A minor in Sociology demonstrates knowledge of contemporary social issues such as race, gender and class. You will develop skills for analysing social change and events, through theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of society.

Sociology Minor Specification


The Sustainability minor allows you to take a range of interdisciplinary modules that address the social, economic and environmental challenges of our age. Aligned to the Curriculum Innovation programme, you can tackle globalisation, ethics, health, economics, law, environmental management and social enterprise, allowing you to apply an interdisciplinary approach to your studies that will appeal to future employers in a sustainable economy.

Sustainability Minor Specification

Web Science

This Minor offers an overview of Web Science - a new discipline that aims to provide a thorough understanding of the web as both a social and technical phenomenon. It will develop transferable research skills and interdisciplinary knowledge for a wide range of information and technology, research and policy careers. Its strong interdisciplinary foundations allow exploration of both the social and technical aspects of the World Wide Web and the relations between these.

Web Science Minor Specification

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