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Philosophy and History (BA)

Bachelor of Arts
Typical offer
AAB-ABBView full entry requirements
Length of course
3 years, starts September 2020
Course type
UCAS course code

About this course

On this joint honours course you’ll explore the major events and ideas that have shaped the world around us. You’ll explore some of the biggest questions of Western philosophy: Is there a god? What is morality? Can there be objective facts in ethics and politics? And as a history student you’ll learn to develop your own interpretations of disputed narratives.

You’ll be taught in small groups in a relaxed and friendly environment. You'll benefit from the expertise of academic staff whose research feeds directly into the course content.

Compulsory modules will give you a strong grounding in both subjects. Optional module choices will give you the freedom to pursue your own interests in topics as varied as metaphysics, Reagan’s America, and witchcraft in 17th century England.

You can broaden your knowledge by taking modules from other disciplines such as anthropology or psychology. You can also study a language.

In this degree you can:

  • develop an understanding of philosophical questions such as ethics, reason and responsibility

  • learn about different approaches to history and gain access to a large collection of primary evidence

  • explore how political motives and other forms of bias shape the way we think about the past

  • apply philosophical thought to language, morality, sex and other aspects of life

  • study areas of history rarely taught in most other UK universities, for example: East and Central European history, South East Asian history and Jewish history

You can download the course details, including modules, in the programme specificationPDF opens in a new window (PDF, 332.95 KB).

Location and awarding body

The course location is Avenue campus in Southampton. The awarding body is University of Southampton.