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Halal Food in Southampton

One of my main concerns before coming to Southampton was will I be able to find “Halal” food here or not? will I have to be a vegetarian? (a nightmare)  but luckily we can have at least seafood! (Yay)

You can imagine how hard it is for me to stay away from Iraqi food as you can see in this picture!

(Mom’s table on a typical Friday lunch!)

First of all, “Halal” word in Arabic literally translates to “permissible” to Muslims according to our religion instructions, that includes not having pork and alcohol, of the way that we should cut the animals.

When I first got here I checked all famous chain restaurants (KFC, Pizzahut, Dominoes, Nando’s, etc.) for Halal chicken, lamb, or beef but unfortunately they don’t serve it so I had to go with veggie meals or fish and chips.

Now, after five months, I can list my top Halal serving restaurants in Southampton (will be updated accordingly):

– Texas Grill (Grill and more)

(Tandoori chicken fillet meal with cheesy fries and hot wings)
(Chicken Zinger meal with Potato Wedges, 2 Hot wings and Jalapeno Cheese)

Location (Google maps): Texas Grill

Photo Gallery (Facebook page): Texas Grill

– Uni Kebab (Turkish)

(Mix platter: chicken shish, lamb doner, lamb shish, and lamb kofte)
(Chicken Calzone with Hummus and onion rings)
(Chicken Parmo)

Location (Google maps): Uni Kebab

Photo Gallery (Facebook page): Uni Kebab

– New World (Chinese)

(Kung Po Chicken with Egg fried rice)
(Spicy Lamb with Curry Chips)

Location (Google maps): New World

– Roosters Piri Piri (Grill and Falafel)

(1/4 Grilled Chicken with Lebanese Ckicken Satay)

Location: (Google maps): Roosters

Menu: (Website): Rosters

– Tortilla (Mexican)

(Chicken Burrito)

Location (Google maps): Tortilla

Photo Gallery (Facebook page): Tortilla

Honorable Mentions:

(Sorry, my camera didn’t eat first there!)

– Mumbai Indian Kitchen (Indian)

Location (Takeawya & Delivery only): Mumbai

Delivery (Website): Mumbai

– Diego’s (Grill)

Location (Google maps): Diego’s

Photo Gallery (Facebook page): Diego’s

– Star Fried Chicken (Fried Chicken and more)

Location (Google maps): SFC

Menu: SFC

– Piazza food court (University of Southampton Campus)

Some of the snacks in the student union shop clearly written on them “Halal” sometimes I grab one of those while moving between lectures, while the piazza in the redbrick area near the student union building serve halal chicken and beef as well.

(Beef Burger with Curly Chips)

I hope I made you hungry enough.

Husham Muhi Aldain

International Student Digital Ambassador

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