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The University of Southampton
Energy at Southampton

Energy AwayDay 2012 Event

10:00 - 16:00
22 May 2012
Chilworth Manor

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Event details

Presentations and discussion networking groups addressed global Energy problems at the Energy USRG AwayDay at Chilworth Manor.

All the presentations that have been submitted are below in the order they appeared on the day.

The list of abstracts is available as a useful download - see right.

Session One: Bioenergy, transport, carbon capture and sequestration - Chaired by Professor AbuBakr Bahaj

1. 'Acoustic detection of undersea gas reserves and leaks', T. Leighton, B. Berges and P.R. White

2. 'Plug and play photosynthesis: understanding the cyanobacterial extracellular electrogenic pathway', A. Hitchcock and T. Bibby

3. 'Improving the photosynthetis effieciency of microalgae using high throughput screening and next generation sequencing', A. Johansson, M. Moore, T. Bibby, R. Edwards and M. Terry

4. 'Engineering active sites for susainable catalysis', R. Raja

5. 'Sustainable catalysis for renewable energy generation', C. Hinde

6. 'Plasma processing of biofuels', S. Gabriel

7. 'EuroChar - A new FP7 project: development of technologies for long-term carbon sequestration', M. Viger

8. 'How sustainable are fossil fuels?', K. Luo

9. 'GHG balance and and carbon mitigation potential of bioenergy crops', Z. Harris

10. 'Secondary data analysis and travel demand', E. Wilson

11. 'Sixth sense transport: new visualisations of transport options using locative media, social networks and tagging technology', T. Cherrett

Session 2: Generation, transmission, demand - Chaired by Paul Lewin

12. 'Smart grids and complexity' J. Brodzski

13. 'PSRC Hubnet:defining the future research roadmap in electrical networks' P. Lewin

14. EPSRC energy grand challenge: electricity networks' S. Swingler

15. 'Improving the operational performance of National Grid's cable networks' J. Pilgrim

16. 'Putting the 'smarts' into the smart grid: a grand challenge for Artificial Inelligence (and the A/C group)' G. Ramchurn

17. Elecrical performance of dialectrics in high voltage transformers' G. Chen

18. 'An efficient inflow generation for large-eddy simulation of wind turbine flows' Z. Xie

19. 'Advanced modelling for turbulent combustion' E. Richardson

20. 'Low carbon practices (TSRC)//distribution of household emissions (ESRC)' M. Buchs

21. 'FigureEnergy:annotating and visualizing electriciy consumption' E. Costanza

22. 'Energy and communities: the role of community-based initiatives in energy saving' R. Wallbridge

Session 3: ECRs  Chaired by Robert Raja

23. 'Holistic energy harvesting' A. Weddell

24. 'Development and evaluation of ForestGrowth-SRC, a process-based model for short rotation coppice yield and spatial supply: reveals poplar uses water more efficiently than willow' M. Tallis

25. 'More efficient bioethanol from poplar wood?' A. Payne

26. 'FP7 ANASTASIA: next generation insulation systems for large generators/motors' N. Freebody

27.'Introducing carbon capture and sequestration to the University of Southampton' L. Armstrong

Working groups relaxing in the sunshine
The 2012 Energy AwayDay
Dr Robert Raja and Professors Paul Lewin, Gail Taylor and 'Bakr Bahaj
Multidisciplinary networking
Over 30 posters on a wide range of energy research projects were presented
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The Energy AwayDay was exactly the kind of event we need to generate new collaborations across the whole spectrum of Energy Research at Southampton

Professor Guy Poppy - Director of Multidisciplinary research, University of Southampton
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