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What Our Students Think

Undergraduate testimonials

Photo of Oluwatimumide Louise Akintunde

For the new coming students, I can say: get ready for a wonderful experience which has a ripple effect that can only affect your future positively. It is a world-class experience filled with numerous opportunities, beyond what you expect.

Oluwatimumide Louise Akintunde - LLB Law
Photo of Lara Ali

The staff at the Law School are experts in their fields, meaning that you're always getting the highest quality of education

Lara Ali - Law LLB
Photo of Malina Ioana Amortoaie

Southampton is my new home. Here I feel welcomed all the time, I feel I receive all the support I need, here I am encouraged to improve myself.

Malina Ioana Amortoaie - LLB (Hons) Law,
Photo of Annabel Andreou

I chose Southampton so that I would be able to take part in, and engage with the employability services. I was always interested in the advocacy aspect of being a lawyer, so the opportunity to do mooting in the first year was a key factor in my decision. I was also attracted by the large variety of optional modules that were available

Annabel Andreou - Law,
Photo of   Callum Beamish

When I visited, the people I met and the University itself gave me an odd sense of belonging. It felt more personable than other places and I could see myself living, working and enjoying being there.

Callum Beamish - LLB (Law)
Photo of Harry Case

I chose to study at Southampton because of the 2 year LLB JD programme, the inclusion of the Canadian Constitutional module was very appealing. Aside from the academic staff, the location of the city in relation to London was also a significant factor for me.

Harry Case - LLB Accelerated Graduate Programme (JD Pathway)
Photo of Tom Davies

I would recommend choosing Southampton Law School because of the unrivalled enthusiasm from staff who are leaders in their respective subjects. The faculty at Southampton make studying the law fun and interesting.

Tom Davies - LLB Law (Hons)
Photo of Estian Deysel

There are a wealth of relevant and stimulating opportunities on offer for students willing to engage with the course beyond their reading lists.

Estian Deysel - LLB Law 1st year student
Photo of Lauren Etherington

I chose Southampton as my first choice due to the fact on open days it stressed the employability of Southampton students as well as the possibility of a scholarship for achieving over and above the grades.

Lauren Etherington - LLB Law
Photo of Emal Faiz

I chose Southampton for two main reasons. Firstly, because it was one of the recommended schools for the JD pathway by Across the Pond. Secondly, my friend who attended this university a couple of years before I started talked to me about the great approach taken by the professors here in helping students to succeed in what can be an extremely challenging degree.

Emal Faiz - LLB JD Pathway,
Photo of Doğa Girinti

Southampton has helped me become the person I always wanted to be: confident and approachable. I grew to find the balance between being an independent person, as well as being a team member. My academic skills, such as research and critical thinking, have improved immensely.

Doğa Girinti - LLB Law with Psychology
Photo of Marc Goh

The most valuable experiences in my time here emerged from the opportunities to meet and form bonds with people from several different walks of life through life at halls, in school and out of the classroom.

Marc Goh - LLB
Photo of Jadesola Ige

Being a law student at Southampton has allowed me to pursue my ambitions in an environment that is inspirational, safe and intellectually stimulating. I could not have chosen a better law school.

Jadesola Ige - Law with European Legal Studies (LLB), 2013-2017
Photo of Abigail Jackson

Having the opportunity to be taught, and get to know, some of the best legal minds in the country meant the chance to gain the best legal education possible.

Abigail Jackson - LLB Law
Photo of Mark Kiggundu

I chose Southampton because it was everything I was looking for in a university; beautiful campus, engaging teaching staff, and a sense of community between students

Mark Kiggundu - Law,
Photo of Doreen Kwei

I enjoy discovering the different parts of law that I love the most, and discovering things about myself and what my drive is. Studying law pushes me out of my comfort zone and makes me think outside of the box

Doreen Kwei - LLB (Hons) Accelerated Programme, 2018
Photo of James Kwong

The support and assistance provided by the staff in the Law School also made the whole experience enjoyable. Staff members are always there to answer our queries. In order to facilitate a more in-depth discussion, they would encourage students to step out of their comfort zone and slowly develop their judgment and communication skills. This is beneficial in preparing us for a career in the legal sector.

James Kwong - LLB
Photo of George Laidlaw

Southampton boasts fantastic employability statistics and is part of the prestigious Russell group. It is known for its high standard of teaching and I saw from reviews online that the university as a whole is a fun and friendly place to work with numerous support groups for any unhappy or struggling students.

George Laidlaw - LLB,
Photo of Anna Leathem

I chose the University of Southampton primarily for its reputation and in being a Russell Group University. Although I wasn’t sure if I wanted a career in Law when I was looking at universities, I knew that having my undergraduate degree from Southampton would stand me in good stead when applying for graduate schemes.

Anna Leathem - LLB with International Legal Studies
Photo of Joanna Line

I have thoroughly enjoyed my University experience, my highlights of studying Law here are the day I visited Winchester Court on what turned out to be a very dramatic and exciting case.

Joanna Line - LLB,
Photo of Angelo Mogan

Come in with a positive attitude and a willingness to try something new, come in with an open mind, and you may have one of the best experiences of your life!

Angelo Mogan - LLB Accelerated,
Photo of Naimal (Mia) Nadeem

My experiences at Southampton have been an adventure. As a young girl straight from high school, moving to the UK was a test, very challenging one at that too, but I have learned to be bold, I have matured and I have become fearless.

Naimal (Mia) Nadeem - LLB Accelerated JD pathway
Photo of Minh Nguyen

There are many opportunities to get involved. I’ve found being a part of societies and committees has given me the chance to interact with students and staff. This has been a really valuable and rewarding experience.

Minh Nguyen - LLB
Photo of Emma Nottingham

My time at Southampton Law School has taught me many practical and academic skills that will be invaluable for my future career.

Emma Nottingham - LLB (Law) alumnus and PhD Law,
Photo of Jess-Aria Nown

I chose Southampton because it was everything I was looking for in a University; outstanding standard of teaching, a super friendly atmosphere between staff and students, as well as a good work/life balance.

Jess-Aria Nown - LLB Law,
Photo of Andrew Ong

I have had a wonderful time during my three years at the University of Southampton.

Andrew Ong -
Photo of Tosshan Ramgolam

I regularly attended Law School events, guest lectures, and networking and social events outside of the University. The employability skills programme was really beneficial in helping me think about my future career and giving me the tools to network and discover what I need to do to get to where I want to be

Tosshan Ramgolam -
Photo of Rebecca Shaw

One of the reasons that I’m so passionate about criminal law and know extra bits and pieces that I can use in my volunteering is because of the Law School and how much I have learnt in my time there so far.

Rebecca Shaw - LLB
Photo of Elisabeth Squires

Southampton Law School has given me all the help and encouragement I could ever need. The programme is really good, it is challenging but there is a lot of support along the way.

Elisabeth Squires - LLB (Law)
Photo of Hay-Ching Tang

Studying at Southampton, I could not have hoped for a better student experience. The law school also provides first class support, whether academic or pastoral, which really helps every student make the most out of studying what is admittedly a difficult but stimulating subject.

Hay-Ching Tang - LLB (Hons) International Legal Studies
Photo of Lucie Taylor

The availability and willingness of the of Law School staff to answer any queries you may have and to assist in any way possible with your studies is invaluable. This coupled with the support offered by the various student led societies makes for a personal and fulfilling experience, both academically and socially.

Lucie Taylor - LLB Law,
Photo of Ryan West

The resources that we are provided with at the law school are brilliant and we have absolutely everything that we need.

Ryan West - LLB
Photo of Hannah Williams

The skills I’ve learnt so far during my degree, such as critical thinking, analysis, psychological knowledge and advocacy have really helped me. Southampton has shown me that I can do whatever I put my mind to.

Hannah Williams - LLB Law with Psychology
Photo of Lauren Winser

My main advice would be to embrace all the opportunities that are offered. There are so many great events and competitions to get involved with throughout the year which are a great environment in which to ‘find your feet’.

Lauren Winser - LLB Law

Postgraduate testimonials

Photo of Dimitra Apostolopoulou

Southampton University has one of the best LLM Maritime courses in the UK.

Dimitra Apostolopoulou - LLM Maritime Law,
Photo of Debo Awofeso

I chose Southampton Law School because not only is the Law School a world leader in the maritime law field, it is also a highly rated University for research work.

Debo Awofeso -
Photo of Neil Brown

I was attracted back to Southampton for a number of reasons. I thoroughly enjoyed my previous time here and had first-hand experience of the quality of the tutors.

Neil Brown - LLB (Law) alumnus and LLM (IT and Telecommunications Law) distance learning
Photo of Andrea Chen

The teachers of the Maritime Law are excellent. They are not only professional in the theory knowledge but also full of practical experience since many of them are successful solicitors as well.

Andrea Chen - LLM (Maritime Law), 2016
Photo of Wassim  Dbouk

Southampton Law School was the best place for me to study maritime law. I knew of the reputation of its academic staff and the University of Southampton.

Wassim Dbouk - LLM Maritime Law,
Photo of Luca Forgione

Having done my research, there was no doubt that the University of Southampton was the place to go to study maritime law... the quality of the tutors and their publications was outstanding.

Luca Forgione - LLM
Photo of Ravi Jawani

I always wanted to come here and I’m having a marvellous time meeting new people and really getting to grips with the law

Ravi Jawani - Maritime law
Photo of Xuan Li

The thing I enjoyed most about my course was the rich knowledge and skill the professor had.

Xuan Li - LLM (Maritime Law),
Photo of Pierre-Louis Merer

The LLM is an excellent academic diploma reflecting the expectations of the professional sector. I have developed my communication skills, my level of legal research, and my capacity to work on broad and stimulating issues in a cross-cultural environment.

Pierre-Louis Merer - LLM Maritime Law (2017), Winner of the Gard Prize for the Best Performance in Carriage of Goods by Sea
Photo of Hari Narayan

The University has a very expansive library and I enjoyed reading the decisions especially in the Lloyds Law Reports, and LMCLQ. The University has a conducive atmosphere for learning and the lecturers are world class academics. The LLM challenge really helped my personal development by shaping my advocacy skills. Participating in the moot was an enriching experience.

Hari Narayan - LLM Maritime Law, 2011
Photo of Serge Ndikum

My advice to fellow students is - aspire to inspire your fellow classmates and affect change in your wider communities. Taking full advantage of the research facilities and rigorous legal education at Southampton will prepare you to face any challenge in your future careers, both within and outside the legal profession.

Serge Ndikum -
Photo of Beate Nygaard

Southampton is one of -if not the best - place to undertake an LLM in Maritime Law.

Beate Nygaard - LLM Maritime Law,
Photo of Artur Parkhomenko

I chose the University of Southampton because of its stellar academic and professional reputation in the field, but I soon realised that the Law School offers so much more than that.

Artur Parkhomenko - LLM Maritime Law, 2016
Photo of Charlotte Peignon

My choice of the University of Southampton was carefully considered. After gathering advice from people working in the same field, it has become obvious that the Southampton Law School provides high quality training, mainly because of the excellent reputation achieved by the LLM

Charlotte Peignon - LLM Maritime Law
Photo of Haozhen Qu

LLM Challenge which I participated helped me develop a more mature researching skill and strengthened my group working ability.

Haozhen Qu - LLM Maritime Law,
Photo of Liliana Maria Rodriguez

It was important to me to study abroad and it was a major decision where to go. I have felt very good here. This has been an experience which has opened my mind and changed my life.

Liliana Maria Rodriguez - LLM Commercial Law
Photo of Tracey Sellors

The diversity of the cohort on the LLM Maritime Law made it a fun and interesting experience

Tracey Sellors - Maritime LLM, 2016
Photo of Lijie Song

I really enjoyed the days when I was doing the final dissertation in the summer, because I felt the interest in research and the sense of achievement.

Lijie Song - LLM (Maritime Law)
Photo of Sofia Syreloglou

The course was very demanding and fast paced, offering a wide spectrum of knowledge.

Sofia Syreloglou - Maritime Law, 2016
Photo of Angeliki Valsami

The advice I would give to a student starting their degree at Southampton is to be prepared to work hard and to know that the teaching staff will be there to support your efforts.

Angeliki Valsami - LLM
Photo of Huixin Xu

Southampton is a brilliant choice for your study and life. It can provide almost everything needed, nice staff, great facilities, delicious cuisines and wonderful entertainment as well.

Huixin Xu - LLM Maritime Law,
Photo of Lei Yang

The teaching involves different techniques, such as group discussion, debating, etc. There are good chances for me to improve my ability to express my opinion and work together with fellow students.

Lei Yang - LLM
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