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The University of Southampton
Biological Sciences

Research Staff

List of all staff members in Biological Sciences
Name Position
Mark Richardson Chief Executive Officer of the National Biofilms Innovation Centre
Paulina D Rakowska Research and Innovation Development Manager
John Chad Professor of Neuroscience
Max Crispin Professor of Glycobiology
Nullin Divecha Professor of Cellular Signalling
C. Patrick Doncaster Professor of Ecology
Keith R Fox Professor of Biochemistry
Lindy Holden-Dye Head of School
Bill Keevil Professor of Environmental Healthcare
Karen A Lillycrop Professor of Epigenetics
Amritpal Mudher Professor of Neurosciences
Vincent O'Connor Professor of Neurochemistry
Guy M Poppy Chief Scientific Adviser to the Food Standards Agency (UK Govt)
Paul Skipp Professor of Proteomics, Director of the Centre for Proteomic Research
Peter J S Smith Director, Institute for Life Sciences (IfLS)
Gail Taylor
Jessica L. Teeling Professor of Experimental Neuroimmunology
Matthew J Terry Deputy Head of school (Research & Enterprise)
Jeremy S Webb Professor of Microbiology
Claire E Clarkin Associate Professor in Developmental and Skeletal Biology
Katrin Deinhardt Associate Professor in Neuroscience
Rob M Ewing Associate Professor in Proteomics and Systems Biology
Diego Gomez-Nicola Associate Professor
Rebecca J Morris Associate Professor in Ecology
Owen Rackham Associate Professor of Systems Biology
Hannah V Siddle Associate Professor in Molecular Immunology
Ivo Tews Associate Professor in Structural Biology
Mariana Vargas-Caballero Associate Professor in Neuroscience
Herman Wijnen Associate Professor in Biological Sciences
Lorraine E Williams Associate Professor in Plant Biology
Philip Williamson Associate Professor
Neil Smyth Reader in Development and Cell Biology
Joern Werner Reader in Structural Biology
Lex Kraaijeveld Principal Teaching Fellow in Ecology and Evolution
Alan Marchant Deputy Head of School (Education)
William Green Senior Innovation Consultant for the National Biofilm Innovation Centre
Michael Baker Senior Teaching Fellow
Declan A Doyle Senior Teaching Fellow in Molecular mechanisms and molecular medicine
Judith E Lock Principal Teaching Fellow
Jenny Baverstock Principal Enterprise Fellow
John Butler Lab Manager / post doctorate researcher
Fernando Calahorro Senior Research Fellow in Molecular Neurobiology (Co-Investigator)
Rodolphe Hervé Senior Research Fellow
Robert A Holland Senior Research Fellow
Sandra A Wilks Associate Professor
Melissa R Andrews Lecturer in Systems Physiology
Charles Birts Lecturer in Antibody Therapeutics
Mark A Chapman Associate Professor in Ecology and Evolution
Marc G Dumont Lecturer in Environmental Microbiology
Salah Elias Associate Professor
Neil J Gostling Lecturer in Evolution and Palaeobiology
Franklin Nobrega Lecturer in Microbiology
Kelvin Peh Lecturer in Conservation Science
Nicole Prior Lecturer of Stem Cell Biology, Principal Investigator (Liver development and organoid systems)
Marcin R Przewloka Lecturer in Molecular Cell Biology
David Tumbarello Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences
Yihua Wang Associate Professor
Matthew Bellamy Teaching Fellow
James C Dillon Teaching Fellow in Biomedical Sciences
George Devitt Research Fellow in Neurodegeneration
Charles Eldrid Research Fellow in mass spectrometry (glycoproteomics)
Yanling Hu Research Fellow in Neuroscience
Joe Parker Senior Research Fellow
Andrew Shapanis Research Fellow
Katerina Steventon Senior Innovation Consultant
Muhammad Akhtar Emeritus Professor
John A Allen Emeritus Professor
Chris Anthony Emeritus Professor
Malcolm East Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry
Tom P. Fleming Emeritus Professor of Developmental Biology
Anthony Lee Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry
Norman Maclean Emeritus Professor of Genetics
Philip Newland Emeritus Professor of Neuroscience
V Hugh Perry Emeritus Professor of Experimental Neuropathology
David Shepherd Emeritus Professor
Peter Shoolingin-Jordan Emeritus Professor
Robert Walker Emeritus Professor of Neurophysiology
David C Wilton Emeritus Professor
Yuting Wei Senior Research Assistant
Mark Willett Imaging Services Manager
Gemma Fryatt Research Technician in Neuroimmunology
Michael A Brown Laboratory Technician supporting Education
Ben Clark Laboratory Technician supporting Education
David Cook Technical Team Leader (Research)
Michael Cotton Laboratory Technician supporting Horticulture
Rachel Fitzearle Senior Technical Manager
Claire Marianne King Laboratory Technician (Education)
Juanjuan Li Research Technician
David Norris Laboratory Technician supporting Education
Jane Worner-Gibbs Deputy Senior Technical Manager (Education)
Kamil Grzegorz Zahorski Lab Support Technician
Kirsty Z Cooper Research Technician
Georgina R Dawes Laboratory Technician supporting Research
Katarzyna Dudkiewicz Research Technician
Marilyn Jenkins Laboratory Technician supporting Research
Chris Malcolm Laboratory Technician supporting Education
Jing Lin Project Manager
Natasha Nater National Biofilms Innovation Centre (NBIC) Communications Manager
Chris Jackson Emeritus Fellow
Joel D Allen Postgraduate research student
Mark Dixon Facility Manager (Building 85)
Callum J Highmore Research Fellow in Microbiology
Jo Slater-Jefferies Operations Director – National Biofilms Innovation Centre (NBIC)
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