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List of all research projects in Health Sciences
ProjectResearch Group
A collaborative research study to develop and test a clinical scorecard for St Christopher's Hospice, Sydenham - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
A longitudinal cohort study of joint and muscle aches, pains and stiffness in women with primary breast cancerComplex Healthcare Processes
A non-pharmacological supportive care intervention for patients with lung cancer and their caregivers in the management of the respiratory distress symptom cluster - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
A phase I-II feasibility trial of Cancer Carer Medicines Management (CCMM): an educational intervention for carer management of pain medication in cancer patients at end of life. Health Work and Systems,
Complex Healthcare Processes
A pilot study of satisfaction and adherence with antipsychotic medication in people with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorders in prisons - DormantHealth Work and Systems
A pilot study to investigate an approach to researching the symptom complexes associated with early and late stage lung cancer, and the factors associated with delay in presentation and diagnosis of lung cancer - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
A pragmatic randomised controlled trial of nurse-delivered vestibular rehabilitation for dizzy patients in primary care - DormantHealth Work and Systems
A preliminary study into the reliability of breathing parameters measured using the LifeShirt® during the slow breathing technique - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
A qualitative study of rheumatoid arthritis patient’s perceptions of the homeopathic consultation - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
A randomised controlled trial of invasive acupuncture for the treatment of hyperventilation syndrome (HVS) - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
A randomised controlled trial of outpatient cervical priming for induction of labourComplex Healthcare Processes
A realist synthesis of evidence on the effectiveness of interventions that aim to prevent urinary tract infection among older people living in care homes (StOP UTI)
A research evaluation of the development, implementation and effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment centres (DTCs) within the NHS - Dormant
A study of sense-making strategies and help-seeking behaviours associated with the use and provision of urgent care servicesHealth Work and Systems
A study of the effectiveness of the Macmillan Approach To Weight Loss and Eating Difficulties - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
A study of the experience of living with secondary breast cancer - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
A study of the use of complementary and alternative therapies among people undergoing cancer treatment - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
A survey of provision of breast care nursing for patients with metastatic breast cancer - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
A systematic Exploration of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation in Spinal Cord Injury: Stage 2, An International Questionnaire Study, INSPIREActive Living and Rehabilitation
A Tongue Movement Command and Control System Based on Aural Flow MonitoringActive Living and Rehabilitation
A trial of devices for intractable urinary incontinence following prostate cancer surgeryActive Living and Rehabilitation
Absorbent products for urinary/faecal incontinence: a comparative evaluation of key product categories - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
Accessing medicines at end-of-life: a mixed method evaluation of service provisionComplex Healthcare Processes
Adventitious lung sounds as indicators of severity and recovery of lung pathology and sputum locationActive Living and Rehabilitation
An evaluation of a telephone based outreach service for patients with breast and prostate cancer who have finished treatment - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
An evaluation of episodic care in the community - Dormant
An Evaluation of Extended Formulary Independent Nurse Prescribing - DormantHealth Work and Systems
An evaluation of NHS Pathways in urgent care (Phase 1): Comparative study of outcome - DormantHealth Work and Systems
An exploration of the characteristics of patients admitted to hospital with ‘signs, symptoms and ill-defined conditions’ - DormantHealth Work and Systems
An exploration of the manifestations, management and meaning of weight loss and eating difficulties in people with advanced cancer: Phase II. - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
An international field study for the reliability and validity of the EORTC cancer cachexia module (the EORTC QLQ-CAX24) and the EORTC QLQ-C30 for assessing quality of life in cancer patients with cachexiaComplex Healthcare Processes
An investigation about transferring patients in critical care home to die: experiences, attitudes, population characteristics and practicesComplex Healthcare Processes
An investigation for the prevalence, impact and causes of joint aches, pains and muscle stiffness in women following primary treatment for breast cancer - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
An investigation into friction, sheer and interface pressures of continence products - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
An investigation into neonatal skin care practices and their relationships to skin barrier function - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
An investigation into skin hydration, interface pressures, emollients and absorbents - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
An investigation into the use of the EORTC Core instrument and the possible need of a module for the assessment of Health Related Quality of Life in Adolescents and Young Adults (AYA) with cancerComplex Healthcare Processes
Analysis of free text responses from the Department of Health’s 2013 survey of colorectal cancer Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) Complex Healthcare Processes
Analysis of free-text comments from the Cancer Patient Experience Survey (CPES) (Wales)Complex Healthcare Processes
Antibiotic treatment for intermittent bladder catheterisation: A randomised controlled trial of once daily prophylaxis (AnTIC) Health Work and Systems
Assessing muscle tone in patients with neurological conditions Active Living and Rehabilitation
Assessing the performance of knee athroplasty using clinical testing, motion analysis, electromyography (EMG) and musculoskeletal modelling - completedActive Living and Rehabilitation
Assessing the value and impact of constructing illness trajectories for enhancing patient self-management and service delivery in motor neurone disease - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Assessment of the Quality of Life of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients enrolled in EORTC Children Leukemia Group trials between 1971 and 1998
AVERT UKActive Living and Rehabilitation
Barriers to Tissue Donation: What cognitive and emotional associations do bereaved family members bring to the multi-tissue and corneal request interview? - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Behaviour Around Rules During Invasive Procedures (BARDIP) Project
Benefit transfer study of Chlamydia Screening preferences using DCE dataComplex Healthcare Processes
Bladder Pathology
Breast Cancer ChoicesComplex Healthcare Processes
BREATHE (Breathing Retraining for Asthma Trial of Home Exercise)Active Living and Rehabilitation,
Primary Care, Population Sciences and Medical Education
Bromelain as an adjunctive treatment for moderate-to-severe osteoarthritis of the knee: a randomized placebo-controlled pilot study - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Campaigning for social change: Understanding the experiences and motives of people with dementia - Dormant
Cancer and drug resistance
Cancer experiences: Supportive and palliative care needs, problems and solutions (the CECo collaborative) - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
CANDID (Clinical prediction rules for colorectal/lung cancer) CI: Paul Little Complex Healthcare Processes
CanDo - Developing nursing excellence for inpatients with cancerHealth Work and Systems,
Complex Healthcare Processes
Care at the end of life: experience and support needs of older family caregivers of people with advanced cancer - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Catric Study: Identifying optimal patient-GP communication about safety-netting, direct access tests, and referral for investigation of possible cancer (CI: Brindle)Complex Healthcare Processes
CBaF: Catch Before a Fall - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Change in management from clinic to home: Acceptability and barriers to successful implementation. A qualitative exploration of intravenous and oral bisphosphonates in metastatic breast cancer - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Circulating haemostatic factors and pro-coagulant microparticles in pre-eclampsia
Clinical and bioengineering investigation into the predictors & effectiveness of proximal interphalangeal joint surgery for patient with hand arthritisActive Living and Rehabilitation
Clinical utility of ultrasound imaging in the management of low back pain - completedActive Living and Rehabilitation
COASt (foot): Clinical outcomes in knee arthroplasty and biomechanical foot and ankle assessment Active Living and Rehabilitation
Combining transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) with robotic hand training for the severely impaired hand after strokeActive Living and Rehabilitation
Communication pathways surrounding people with cancer: who is involved, how do they communicate, and how do patients understand and manage this? - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Community-based Volunteer-led Support for Family Caregivers Caring for a Relative or Friend with Palliative and/or End-of-Life Care Needs at Home (Co-Care)Complex Healthcare Processes
Comprehensive review of evidence base for national cancer survivorship initiative - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Computerised lung sound analysis as an outcome measure for physiotherapy airway clearance techniques - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation,
Active Living and Rehabilitation
Computerised lung sound analysis in healthy people and patients with COPD Active Living and Rehabilitation
Computerised lung sound analysis to monitor postoperative pulmonary complications in patients with cardiac surgeryActive Living and Rehabilitation
Consequences, costs and cost-effectiveness of different workforce configurations in English acute hospitals: a longitudinal retrospective study using routinely collected dataHealth Work and Systems
Continence Product Advisor
COVID 19 - SHARE STUDYComplex Healthcare Processes
Creating Learning Environments for Compassionate Care (CLECC): a feasibility studyHealth Work and Systems
Dementia and incontinence at home (DINAH)
Developing a breast cancer survivors’ resource pack - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Developing a set of patient-reported outcome measures for cancer chemotherapy services - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Developing a utility index for End of Life careComplex Healthcare Processes
Developing an Aesthetic of Dementia Activism (DADA): Using art to mediate agency
Developing stated preference discrete choice experiments for improving the redesign of patient-led healthcare servicesComplex Healthcare Processes
Development and Clinical trial of a mixed (Multi/single-use) catheter management package for users of Intermittent Catheters - MultICathHealth Work and Systems
Development and Pilot Evaluation of a Web-supported Programme of Constraint Induced Therapy Following Stroke (LifeCIT)
Development and pilot evaluation of a web-supported programme of constraint therapy for post stroke upper limb rehabilitationActive Living and Rehabilitation
Development and pilot study of an online interactive surgical decision aid for young women newly diagnosed with early stage breast cancerComplex Healthcare Processes
Development and pilot study of an online interactive surgical decision aid for young women newly diagnosed with early stage breast cancerComplex Healthcare Processes
Development and validation of a reliable instrumented version of Trunk Impairment ScaleActive Living and Rehabilitation
Development of a module to supplement the EORTC Core instruments for assessment of Health Related Quality of Life in patients with Cancer CachexiaComplex Healthcare Processes
Development of a module to supplement the EORTC Core instruments for assessment of Health Related Quality of Life in patients with Cancer CachexiaComplex Healthcare Processes
Development of a quality of life measurement tool for people using absorbent products (Padprom)Health Work and Systems
Development of a smart Armeo - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
Development of an integrated service model incorporating innovative technology for the rehabilitation of the upper limb following stroke, (Assistive Technologies in Rehabilitation Following Stroke (ATRAS)Active Living and Rehabilitation
Development of novel dynamometry for the assessment of muscle strength and endurance in epidemiological studies on older people - CompletedActive Living and Rehabilitation
Development project for national Audit for Essence of CareHealth Work and Systems
Development, implementation and evaluation of the True NTH Supported Self Management and Follow Up Care ProgrammeComplex Healthcare Processes
Devil's Claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) as a treatment for osteoarthritis: a review of efficacy and safety - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Did you take or consider taking a dying relative home from a critical care unit?
Dignity therapy for older people in care homes - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Dissolution profiles for urinary catheter encrustation - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
Does Behaviour Change Counselling increase levels of physical activity in patients with asthma? - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
Does benchmarking improve bowel care in care home settings? - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
Does transcranial Direct Current Stimulation improve functional mobility in people with Parkinson's disease?Active Living and Rehabilitation,

Effectiveness of silver ring splints in rheumatoid arthritis - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
ELFOAB / Epidemiology and lifetime risk of osteoarthritis within the foot and biomechanical functional outcomesActive Living and Rehabilitation
End of Life Care in Intensive Care Settings: a case study approach - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Enhancing the role of carers in the outpatient chemotherapy setting - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Evaluating a major innovation in hospital design: workforce implications and impact on patient and staff experiences of all single room hospital accommodationHealth Work and Systems
Evaluating and testing an intervention to improve transition from paediatrics to adult care: Ready Steady GoComplex Healthcare Processes
Evaluating the ten year impact of the Productive Ward at the clinical microsystem level in English acute trustsHealth Work and Systems
Evaluation of 5 element acupuncture as a model for integrated care in General practiceHealth Work and Systems
Evaluation of a novel cleaning method for uncoated intermittent catheters
Evaluation of a patient-held record for MRSA
Evaluation of a pilot trainee consultant nurse programme in Emergency Care: Phases 1 and 2 - DormantHealth Work and Systems
Evaluation of nurse & pharmacist independent prescribing - DormantHealth Work and Systems
Evaluation of the innovative hospice services for non-cancer patients - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Evaluation of the Out-of-Hours Exemplar Programme - DormantHealth Work and Systems
Evolving theory in interprofessional education - Dormant
Exploring and developing the evidence base for skin hygiene practices and emollient therapy in the reduction of skin vulnerability - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
Exploring communication and clinical decision-making in consultations between physiotherapists and people with back painActive Living and Rehabilitation
Exploring the end of life decision-making and hospital experiences of families who did not donate organs or tissues for transplant operations - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Exploring the views and experiences of critical care nurses when involved in providing and facilitating end of life care - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Eye Donation from Palliative and Hospice care contexts: investigating Potential, Practice, Preference and Perceptions (EDiPPPP)
Eye, head and body coordination during turning Active Living and Rehabilitation
Factors influencing the decision to admit to an acute medical bed - DormantHealth Work and Systems
Family distress and grieving in EoLC in Critical Care: causes, consequences and interventions - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Feasibility of establishing a cohort of lung cancer patients treated with curative intent [CIn] radiotherapy to gather patient reported outcomesComplex Healthcare Processes
Feasibility of establishing a cohort of lung cancer patients treated with curative intent to gather patient reported outcomesComplex Healthcare Processes
Feasibility of trunk training post stroke using video gamesActive Living and Rehabilitation
FeeTURA4 / Forefoot complications in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: identification, impact and interventionActive Living and Rehabilitation
Finding Their Way into Careers: an Analysis of Advanced Apprenticeships and Progression in Health CareHealth Work and Systems
Framework for Safe Nurse Staffing and Skill Mix in General and Specialist Medical and Surgical Care Settings in Ireland - evaluationHealth Work and Systems
GAFRA / The impact of early adult rheumatoid arthritis on the biomechanical and functional characteristics of the foot and lower limbActive Living and Rehabilitation
Game On! Games And Gamification To Improve Self-management In Children And Young People With A Chronic Kidney Disease
Getting your life back after cancer: a feasibility study of life coaching - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
GO2-digital (New Generation Oxygen Supplies with Digital Patient Interface)Active Living and Rehabilitation
Growth and nutrition of infants with congenital heart disease: development of guidelines and a digital home monitoring programme to support families
Hand function in early rheumatoid arthritis - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
Hand opening to grasp ‘virtual’ objects during reaching tasks in a rehabilitation robot: a proof of concept studyActive Living and Rehabilitation
Health-related quality of life after colorectal cancer in England using a Patient-Reported Outcomes Measure (PROM) Complex Healthcare Processes
Homeopathy has clinical benefits in rheumatoid arthritis patients  that are attributable to the consultation process but not the homeopathic remedy:  a randomised controlled clinical trial - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
How can discussions with relatives be facilitated following predictive genetic testing for BRCA1/2? - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
How do nurses use new technologies to inform decision making? Health Work and Systems
HTA 13/75 Managing Faecal Incontinence in people with advanced dementia resident in Care Homes, a realist synthesis of the evidence (FINCH) Health Work and Systems
ICF to develop integrated interventions for staff and severe dementia institutionalised elderlyActive Living and Rehabilitation
Identifying nurse-staffing requirements using the Safer Nursing Care Tool. Modelling the costs and consequences of real world application to address variation in patient need on hospital wardsHealth Work and Systems
Identifying the impact of service user involvement on the lives of people affected by cancer - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
I'm just in the shadow to keep an eye - an investigation to understand need for support in family members of people having chemotherapy - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Impact of Releasing Time to Care (the productive ward ™)Health Work and Systems
ImpleMentAllHealth Work and Systems
Implementation, impact and costs of policies for safe staffing in acute trustsHealth Work and Systems
IMPROVE-Stroke: IMproving the PRevention Of Vascular Events after Stroke or TIA: a randomised controlled pilot trial of nurse independent prescriber-led care pathway-based risk factor managementHealth Work and Systems
Improving assessment and treatment for older people with breast and colorectal cancer in North East LondonHealth Work and Systems
Improving care in the management of older people with long-term urinary catheters - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
Improving continence in people with inflammatory bowel disease: active case-finding and a randomised controlled trial. (FINS)Health Work and Systems
Improving earlier lung cancer diagnosis (Research councils UK Postdoctoral Fellowship 2005 – 2011)Complex Healthcare Processes
Improving Fundamental Care on Hospital Wards
Improving medicine-taking in diabetes care: An evaluation of an educational intervention for use by nursing prescribers - DormantHealth Work and Systems
Improving patient pathways for older people admitted to hospital with 'ill-defined conditions' - DormantHealth Work and Systems
Improving the quality of ambulance crew hand-overs Health Work and Systems
Improving the symptom experience of patients with lung cancer receiving radiotherapy. - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Incidental findings (IFs) from genetic tests: exploring the ethical issues and implications for practiceComplex Healthcare Processes
Influencing infection control practice: Improving the implementation of isolation care by nurses
Instrumented Stump Sock for Measuring Pressure at the Stump/Sock InterfaceActive Living and Rehabilitation
Intermittent catheterisation for long-term bladder management
International Place of Death StudyComplex Healthcare Processes
IPCARD Chest Clinic Study (CI: Brindle)Complex Healthcare Processes
Iterative learning Control for re-education of upper limb function mediated by electrical stimulation (ES) and Restoration of Reach and Grasp in Stroke Patients using ES and Haptic FeedbackActive Living and Rehabilitation
Iterative User-Centred Design of a Paediatric Upper Limb Prosthetic DeviceActive Living and Rehabilitation
Knowledge exchange in healthcare commissioningHealth Work and Systems
Leadership and Better patient Care: From Idea to practice - DormantHealth Work and Systems
Life after prostate cancer diagnosisComplex Healthcare Processes
Macmillan Listening Study: Listening to people affected by cancer about cancer research - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Macmillan Survivorship Research Group - 5 year research programmeComplex Healthcare Processes
Magnet4Europe: Improving Mental Health & Wellbeing of Health Professionals
Maintenance Of Physical AcTivity BeHaviour (MOTH) programme Active Living and Rehabilitation
Managing suffering at the end of life: a study of continuous deep sedation until deathComplex Healthcare Processes
Mapping and understanding the scope and role of specialist cancer helplines in the UK and the barriers and enablers to maximizing their effectivenessComplex Healthcare Processes,
Health Work and Systems
Measurement of patients' expectations for health care continuationComplex Healthcare Processes
Measuring and evaluating end-of-life care in services for adults with learning disabilities in the UKComplex Healthcare Processes
Measuring treatment workload, burden and capacity to self-manage heart failureComplex Healthcare Processes
Mechanical Muscle Activity with Real-time Kinematics (M-MARK): A novel combination of existing technologies to improve arm recovery following stroke
Men as carers in multiple sclerosis: identifying their support needs and preferencesComplex Healthcare Processes
Menopause after breast cancer: a randomised, controlled trial of relaxation training to reduce hot flushes - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Meta-analysis of the related nutritional supplements dimethyl sulfoxide and methylsulfonylmethane in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Minority ethnic patients’ participation in cancer research: An exploration of experiences, attitudes and barriers - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Modern Matrons Project, Hampshire NHS Partnership Trust - DormantHealth Work and Systems
Modernising adult social care for vulnerable adults in England : the processes - DormantHealth Work and Systems
MOTH Project 1: Maintaining physical activity through the use of digital interventions for people with a long-term condition/s (LTCs): A scoping reviewActive Living and Rehabilitation
MOTH Project 2: Exploring the factors that facilitate and hinder the implementation of digital tools for self-management of long-term conditions within existing healthcare structures and pathwaysActive Living and Rehabilitation
MOTH Project 3: Service evaluation of exercise referral schemes (Southampton (Falls) & Winchester (Stroke) schemes)Active Living and Rehabilitation
Motion analysis of movement dysfunction in musculoskeletal disordersActive Living and Rehabilitation
Motivating Mobility: Interactive Systems to promote Physical Activity and Leisure for people with limited mobility - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
Motor task manager reliability and validity study - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
Movement dysfunction in footballers with hip and groin painActive Living and Rehabilitation
MSKInterns: Graduate Rheumatology Research Internships for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals.
Muscle Tone in Space (Myotones Project)Active Living and Rehabilitation
National Cancer Survivorship Initiative: supporting self management of cancer survivors: summary of the evidence - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
National Evaluation of the Productive Ward / Facilitating Facilitating the Spread of Productive Ward - DormantHealth Work and Systems
National Evaluation of the Productive Ward / Facilitating Facilitating the Spread of Productive Ward - DormantHealth Work and Systems
National Evaluation of Whole Systems Demonstrator Sites
National survey of the continuing professional development (CPD) of nurses and allied health professionals working with people with musculoskeletal conditions - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
NIHR Wessex Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (Wessex CLAHRC) - Theme 6: Complexity, Patient Experience, Organizational BehaviourComplex Healthcare Processes
Nottingham Emergency Care/On Demand Services Project - DormantHealth Work and Systems
Novel technology for assessing muscle tone and mechanical properties: MyotonPROActive Living and Rehabilitation
Nurse sensitive outcomes and indicators in ambulatory chemotherapy - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes,
Health Work and Systems
Nurse staffing & quality of care in UK general practiceHealth Work and Systems
Nurse staffing levels, missed vital signs observations and mortality in hospital wards: modelling the consequences and costs of variations in nurse staffing and skill mixHealth Work and Systems
Nurse staffing levels, missed vital signs observations and mortality in hospital wards: modelling the consequences and costs of variations in nurse staffing and skill mix
Nursing care of older people in acute settings: updating SNMAC guidelines - DormantHealth Work and Systems
Objective Measurements of Clinical Tests of Dissociation of the Scapula using Motion AnalysisActive Living and Rehabilitation
Older women's experience of breast cancer and other health conditions - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
OptiFooT: Optimisation of foot care for people living with arthritis.
Optimized athlete body sensor networks for simulation-based performance analysisActive Living and Rehabilitation
Organization and Management factors influencing infection control - DormantHealth Work and Systems
Osteoarthritis of the thumb therapy (OTTER) trialActive Living and Rehabilitation
Palliative care in acute strokes - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Parental experiences of care for children with a complex illnessComplex Healthcare Processes
Patient Centred Integrated Medicine in the Management of Chronic Illness: a Qualitative Study - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Patient Experience of MRSA Screening - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
Patient perspectives in COPD: activities, social participation and pulmonary rehabilitationActive Living and Rehabilitation
Patient perspectives in COPD: activities, social participation and pulmonary rehabilitation - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
Patients’ experiences of care and the influence of staff motivation, affect and well-beingComplex Healthcare Processes
Phase 2 and 3 development of an Adolescent and Young Adult module for 14-39 year olds & Validation of the EORTC QLQ-C30 with 12-17 year olds with cancer
Phase 4 international field study of the EORTC anal module (QLQANL27) and EORTC QLQC30 for assessing HRQOL in patient with anal cancer
Phase II and III development of an EORTC QOL cancer Survivorship questionnaire
Portable direct light microscopy to assess microbial contamination of hospital surfaces and equipment and the effectiveness of routine decontamination techniques - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
Predicting weight loss in people with cancer: Development and validation of a screening tool - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Principles of Care - DormantHealth Work and Systems
Programme of clinical trials of biomedical continence devices - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
Prostate Cancer TrueNorth
Qualitative study of affected women having genetic testing for BRCA1/2 - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Quality in Cancer Nursing - Nurse Sensitive Outcome Indicators for Ambulatory Chemotherapy - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes,
Health Work and Systems
Quality of Life in older age: Psychometric testing of the multidimensional Older People's Quality of Life (OPQOL) - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Quantitative measures of impairment and how they relate to function in the older adult post-stroke, Dunhill Trust / British Geriatric SocietyActive Living and Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation for elderly COPD patients and their families: promoting a comprehensive, integrated intervention based on ICFActive Living and Rehabilitation
Research and development programme on forensic mental health - DormantHealth Work and Systems
Research career development internships for podiatrists: an outline proposal for developing AHP research and researchers in rheumatology and musculoskeletal rehabilitation.Active Living and Rehabilitation
Research into the supportive care of patients with cancer cachexia syndrome and their family membersComplex Healthcare Processes
Resilience, capacity and coping: An investigation of the practical and emotional work parents undertake as they care for a child with cancer at the end of lifeComplex Healthcare Processes
RN4CAST Nurse Forecasting in EuropeHealth Work and Systems
Safe staffing in ICU: development and testing of a staffing modelHealth Work and Systems
Safer and more efficient vital signs monitoring to identify the deteriorating patient: An observational study towards deriving evidence-based protocols for patient surveillance on the general hospital wardHealth Work and Systems
Same technology, different settingsHealth Work and Systems
SARAH – Strengthening and stretching for people with rheumatoid arthritis of the hand. The clinical and cost effectiveness of an exercise programme over and above usual careActive Living and Rehabilitation
Screening for malnutrition by community nurses: Barriers and facilitatorsHealth Work and Systems
Self management of problems experienced following primary cancer treatment: An exploratory study - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Self Management VOICED (Valued Outcomes of Importance: ConsEnsus and Disparity) Active Living and Rehabilitation
Self-Management of analgesia and related treatments at the end of life (SMARTE)Complex Healthcare Processes,
Health Work and Systems
Shimmer Sensors for activity monitoring in post stroke upper limb rehabilitationActive Living and Rehabilitation
Skin hydration, friction, sheer and absorbent products - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
Somebody else’s problem: Perceptions of prevalence of MRSA colonization in patients transferred between hospital and care home - DormantHealth Work and Systems
SPIDERSOLE: Optimal insole design for people who have foot arthritis.Active Living and Rehabilitation
SPUTNIK (IPCARD sub-study) CI: Steve GeorgeComplex Healthcare Processes
State of the art metrics for nursing - DormantHealth Work and Systems
Strength and Balance in Older GolfersActive Living and Rehabilitation
Stroke BackActive Living and Rehabilitation
Study of the knowledge, beliefs and behaviours of hospital staff involved in patient monitoring to identify factors affecting performance of scheduled night time observationsHealth Work and Systems
Supporting family caregivers in the transition between hospital and their relative’s preferred place for end of life careComplex Healthcare Processes
Supporting relatives: an investigation into obstacles and aids to information exchange within families affected by cancer - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Supporting women with toileting in palliative care: is the female urinal an acceptable, safe and effective product for bladder managementHealth Work and Systems
Symptom prevalence and help seeking in patients at risk of lung cancer: exploratory feasibility study in primary care (CI: Corner)Complex Healthcare Processes
Systematic review of psychological interventions for pain in patients with cancer, NCRI CECo - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Systematic review of the literature for non-pharmacological interventions for arthralgia in non cancer conditions - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Systematic review of the nutritional supplements Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) and Methlsufonylmethane (MSM) in the treatment of osteoarthritis - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Systematic review on end of life care experiences of information disclosure, communication and decision-making involvementComplex Healthcare Processes
Systematic review on end of life care experiences of service and intervention evaluationComplex Healthcare Processes
Systematic review on preference for place of care/death in end of lifeComplex Healthcare Processes
The Careers ProjectHealth Work and Systems
The clinical importance of forefoot bursitis in patients with rheumatoid arthritisActive Living and Rehabilitation
The design and evaluation of an intervention to improve self-management skills in patients with musculoskeletal disease and low literacyActive Living and Rehabilitation
The development and evaluation of tools to obtain patient and staff feedback to support and sustain patient-centered care - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
The development and validation of a kinematic model for the measurement of scapular kinematicsActive Living and Rehabilitation
The development of an integrated early detection and intervention model for Attention Deficit Hyperactive DisorderHealth Work and Systems
The educational needs of nurses, allied health professionals (AHPs) and associate health and social care practitioners working in musculoskeletal diseaseActive Living and Rehabilitation
The effect of dietary caffeine restriction on overactive bladder symptoms in females - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
The effect of honey on parameters of wound healings: In vitro angiogenesis assays
The effect of low frequency ultrasound on urinary catheter biofilms
The effectiveness of acupuncture and self-acupuncture in managing cancer-related fatigue in breast cancer patients: a pragmatic randomised trial - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
The epidemiology, aetiology and clinical importance of forefoot bursae in patients with rheumatoid arthritisActive Living and Rehabilitation
The experience of patients with Cancer of Unknown Primary: Analysis from England's national Cancer Patient Experience Survey programmeComplex Healthcare Processes
The experiences and expectations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients referred to Pulmonary Rehabilitation programmesActive Living and Rehabilitation
The experiences of adults, who drink within recommended limits and who grew up in a home with problem drinking parent/s
The HealthLines Study: expanding the role of NHS Direct in the management of long-term conditionsActive Living and Rehabilitation
The impact of moving to single room hospital accommodation: workforce implications and staff and patients’experience of care in a new physical environment Health Work and Systems
The IMPROVE study: VOICES redesign and testing project to inform the development of a national surveyComplex Healthcare Processes
The needs and experiences of children with limited life expectancy and their families - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
The organisation & delivery of diabetes services in the UK: a scoping exercise - DormantHealth Work and Systems
The Paediatric version (VOICES-C) of the Views of Informal Carers Evaluation Survey-Short Form (VOICES-SF): Views of Health Professionals and pilot-testing with bereaved parents
The pathway of prisoners with mental health problems through prison health services and the effect of prison environment on the mental health of prisoners - DormantHealth Work and Systems
The patient’s experience of post-operative voiding difficulty and short-term urinary catheterisation
The potential use of medicinal honey in managing benign bladder pathologies
The Project About Loneliness and Social networks (PALS) study
The PROMOTE Study: Patient Reported Outcome Measures Online To Enhance Communication and Quality of Life after childhood brain tumour
The relationship between physiological impairment, chronic disease and function disability in older people admitted to hospital with ill-defined conditions - DormantHealth Work and Systems
The role of bladder stretching in maintaining bladder health during long-term catheterisation
The role of the primary care team in the care and support of patients diagnosed with cancer- perspectives of patients’ family members and primary health care professionals - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
The use of intuition in homeopathic clinical decision making: an interpretative phenomenological study - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
The work, workforce, technology and organisational implications of 111Health Work and Systems
Towards effective inter-professional education and practice: Patients' perceptions of inter- and intra- professional communication (IIPC) in the palliative care setting - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
Transitions between services at the end of life for older people: patient and provider perspectives - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
TReating Urinary symptoms in Men in Primary Healthcare (TRIUMPH) using non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical interventions.
Treatment to Improve Urinary Symptoms in Men in Primary Healthcare (TRIUMPH)Fundamental Care and Safety
Triple negative breast cancer: perceptions of prognosis, psychological impact and care needs - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
True Nth UK Decision Support: Understanding consequences of prostate cancer treatments (Cl: Brindle)Complex Healthcare Processes
Trustworthy Autonomous Systems
Types of urethral catheter for reducing symptomatic urinary tract infections in hospitalised adults requiring short-term catheterisation: Multicentre randomised controlled trial of antibiotic and antiseptic impregnated urethral catheters - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
Understanding and addressing the training needs of clinicians to improve end-of-life care for adolescents and young adults with cancer worldwideComplex Healthcare Processes
Understanding and measuring the burden of supported self-care rehabilitation for people with stroke and their families - NIHR Post-Doctoral Fellowship.Active Living and Rehabilitation
Understanding and perceptions of mindfulness-based interventions and development of an adapted mindfulness intervention for breast cancer patientsComplex Healthcare Processes
Understanding homeopathic decision-making: a qualitative study  - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Understanding the experiences of older people using emergency care - DormantHealth Work and Systems
Understanding the quality of life and psychosocial needs of patients with cancer of known and unknown primary: pre-testing and feasibility studyComplex Healthcare Processes
Understanding the role of and communication process engaged in specialist cancer helpline workComplex Healthcare Processes
Understanding the unknown: a case study approach to explore patients, carers and health care professionals; experiences of cancer of unknown primary site - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Understanding the workload and burdens for informal carers of people treated in Stroke Early Supported Discharge Active Living and Rehabilitation
Urinary catheter ‘fill and flush’ valve: safety, effectiveness, acceptability and feasibility trial
Usability and acceptability of washable continence products in Lower and Middle Income Countries
Using a participant-completed questionnaire to identify symptoms that predict lung cancer: A feasibility study (Current CI: Brindle)Complex Healthcare Processes
Using discovery interview technique to explore dignity in acute care for older people - DormantHealth Work and Systems
Using functional electrical stimulation mediated by iterative learning control and robotics to improve arm movement for people with Multiple Sclerosis (PwMS)Active Living and Rehabilitation
VANGUARD (Value Added Nursing Gains Advantage in Respiratory Disease)
Variations in out of hours end of life care provision across primary care organisations in England and Scotland - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Warm up exercise programmes in youth football to improve movement qualityActive Living and Rehabilitation
What are the barriers to organ donation and the factors that impact the decision of the bereaved family to give consent to organ donation?Complex Healthcare Processes
What evidence currently exists on the incidence and the clinical and economic impact of urinary catheter-associated infection (CAUTI) in the community? - DormantActive Living and Rehabilitation
Whole System Informing Self-management Engagement (WISE)
Why GP's refer patients to Complementary medicine via the NHS; a qualitative exploration. - DormantComplex Healthcare Processes
Widening participation in occupational therapy education - DormantHealth Work and Systems
Working with employers to develop and deliver a needs-led curriculum: a work-based pilot in health, education and care
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