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Research project: Analysis of free-text comments from the Cancer Patient Experience Survey (CPES) (Wales) - Dormant

Currently Active: 

Within the CPES (Wales) data there are approximately 4500 patient comments. These comments have captured important insights concerning patient experiences and care pathways, perceptions of the quality of care, and issues relating to quality of life, and on-going care and support needs. Analysis of these comments can be a powerful tool for guiding NHS Trusts in improvement efforts around patient experience.

At the end of the WCPES questionnaire, following the closed tick-box questions, a separate free-text box invited patients to provide comments to three separate questions:

  • Was there anything particularly good about your NHS care?
  • Was there anything that could be improved?
  • Any other comments?

In total 4672 patients provided comments in the survey, representing 64% of those who returned questionnaires. This study was commissioned by Macmillan Cancer Support to analyse the content of the free-text responses. The aim was to determine the themes that emerged from patients’ comments and the insights they provide regarding their experiences of cancer care in Wales.

A range of experiences were represented in the data, which provided many examples of positive care but also areas of concern.


Macmillan Cancer Support

Project team

Dr Richard Wagland

Dr Mike Bracher

Professor Jessica Corner


Associated research themes

Cancer Patient Experience Survey (CPES)

Patient experience

Free-text analysis

Related research groups

Complex Healthcare Processes
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