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Research project: Communication pathways surrounding people with cancer: who is involved, how do they communicate, and how do patients understand and manage this? - Dormant - Dormant

Currently Active: 

People living with advanced cancer often undergo a variety of treatments, care provision, and monitoring, in different geographical locations and involving numerous health and social care professionals (HSCPs). There is limited research exploring this and the work involved for patients in managing and understanding this. Twenty-four patients with palliative care needs for cancer and 100 of the health and social care professionals and lay persons identified by the patients as ‘involved in their care’ participated in interviews to give their perspectives of and help to construct the communication care networks for each of the patients.  

Methods of data collection included: face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews, documentary review, and researcher field-notes.

Recruitment and setting: Patient recruitment to the study was through three routes: A Hospital Palliative Care Team; A Specialist Palliative Care Unit and General practices’ Gold Standards Framework (GSF) registers of patients, likely to be in their last year of life.

Participants: Twenty-four patients (15 female and 9 male; mean age 67 years old, range 48-85 years old) with a range of 15 different types/sites of cancer participated.

One hundred HSCP and lay persons participated in 107 interviews about one or more of the participating patients. They represent a wide range of people involved in the care of people with cancer including family members (n=8), physicians (n=35), nurses (n=32), professions allied to medicine (n=17) and others (e.g., volunteers and reception staff, n=8)

Publications of results are in preparation

Project team

Ms Katerina Klumpp Senior Research Assistant
Dr Nikki Jarrett
Professor Julia Addington-Hall
Professor Jessica Corner
Dr Sue Duke
Dr Carol Davis
Professor Judith Lathlean

Project funder

Dimbleby Cancer Care.

Related research groups

Complex Healthcare Processes

Key Publication

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