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Research project: Life after prostate cancer diagnosis

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Prostate cancer (PCa) is the commonest cancer in men in the United Kingdom (UK) and the number of men with this disease is increasing. Its treatment may impact physically, psychologically and socially, affecting the health-related quality of life (HRQL) of men and their partners/spouses. In addition to improving treatments it is important to measure outcomes of importance to patients, partners/spouses so that services can be tailored to meet men’s needs.

We have formed a UK wide consortium of researchers, clinical experts and patients to develop the study.


Using a series of linked projects we aim to:

  • To describe the HRQL (e.g., physical, psychosocial) of men with prostate cancer using qualitative and quantitative methods;
  • To explore if and how their HRQL is associated (cross-sectional) or is predicted by (longitudinal) disease, treatment and/or patient characteristics with a view to inform development of health care policy and service delivery in ways that better meet the needs of such men and their families;
  • To describe the levels of patient empowerment and undertake preliminary exploration of the interaction between patient empowerment and HRQL.


We plan to survey PCa survivors in all four UK countries who were diagnosed within a 24-month timeframe (n=~115,000).

Outcome measures will be used that have proven to be useful in national and international studies. Men will be surveyed on two occasions allowing assessment of change over time. We also plan to survey a second group of men, diagnosed in a later calendar year, allowing us to see if there are changes as a result of new services in the intervening time. To ensure we have detailed understanding of issues of importance to men, we will interview a sample of men who complete the survey (n=100) along with a small number of spouses/partners (n=20). The interviews will also help us identify any other areas we may want to include in the second survey round.

We plan to link the PROMs data with other information (e.g. treatment) to understand the changes better. Our outputs are aligned with the strategic aims of Prostate Cancer UK (PCUK) and the Movember Foundation by seeking the views of people affected by PCa. This will assist in improving treatment and care standards and help remodel the training of health professionals. The study will provide data to steer service improvements, produce information which will help men when making treatment decisions, and will inform future research.

Project team

Professor Jessica Corner

Dr Richard Wagland

Project funder

Prostate Cancer UK (PCUK) & MOVEMBER

Associated research themes

Prostate Cancer

Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)


Related research groups

Complex Healthcare Processes
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