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Research project: Dementia and incontinence at home (DINAH)

Currently Active: 

Investigating bladder and bowel related issues for people with dementia, their carers and families and the development of resources to help them

People with dementia often experience problems with toileting and bladder or bowel leakage. These problems can be a source of considerable strain for family caregivers and have been described as “the tipping point” for family members being moved into residential care. Preserving caregivers’ ability to continue caring for their relative has important cost benefits for health and social care services, but the problems experienced are poorly understood and there is very little evidence on interventions to support care. This programme of work aims to 1) gain a detailed understanding of incontinence associated problems for people with dementia living at home and their carers 2) modify and evaluate the existing continence product decision aid (on Continence Product Advisor website) for people with dementia and their carers and 3)develop and evaluate a Dementia & Incontinence Handbook for care-partners. This is being done in a 2-Phase project as follows:

Phase 1:

  • Literature review on dementia & incontinence
  • 45 interviews with people with dementia, family carers and nurses (dementia and continence specialists)
  • Formation of the DINAH Advisory Group

Phase 2:

  • Develop and evaluate the Dementia & Incontinence Handbook
  • Modify and evaluate continence product decision aid
  • Questionnaire to gather data on the frequency and burden of incontinence related problems for care-partners

External collaborators:


Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Alzheimer’s Society.

Associated research themes

Continence Product Advisor website

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