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Research project: Continence Product Advisor

Currently Active: 

The Continence Product Advisor website aims to provide users, carers and health care professionals with information about bladder, bowel and toileting difficulties, which is written by continence experts and is evidence-based, comprehensive, and independent of industry sponsorship.

The Continence Product Advisor is maintained by the International Continence Society, the foremost international multi-disciplinary organisation for incontinence education and research, the content and underpinning research evidence is based on  Management using Continence Products1 – a chapter in Incontinence (Edition 6). This systematic review is revised and updated every four years by the International Consultation on Incontinence panel of experts on continence products. Research teams from the University of Southampton and University College London maintain and  revise the content, updating it with new material, and responding and managing queries and tips.

Who is the Continence Product Advisor for and what does it offer?

The Continence Product Advisor aims to provide users, carers and health care professionals with essential information and resources to guide the selection and use of products based wherever possible on evidence.  Although there is much information available elsewhere, the Continence Product Advisor is unique in offering information and resources that are:

  • Evidence-based - including research that underpins product use and product selection2 where available
  • Independent - without industry sponsorship or brand promotion
  • Derived from user, clinical and academic continence experts from around the world
  • Comprehensive - a one-stop information resource covering all key product designs
  • Freely available and not for profit - with downloadable resources on products and product use.

Facts about the Continence Product Advisor:

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