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Research project: Knowledge exchange in healthcare commissioning

Currently Active: 

We want to understand more about the processes by which NHS commissioners access, integrate and use research evidence and other sources of knowledge to inform their decisions. We use the term ‘knowledge exchange' (rather than ‘knowledge transfer' or ‘research implementation') for these processes, since information, research evidence and innovations are all forms of ‘knowledge', and ‘exchange' best describes how knowledge is transformed through the interaction of two or more parties. Our chief interest is in exploring the knowledge exchange processes between commissioners in the public and the private sector with particular focus on the role of research based information and innovations in knowledge exchange.

Using case study methodology, we will collect data through interviews, focus groups, observations and documentary analysis. We plan to carry out three case studies. This study will take place in external provider organisations, PCTs and GP consortia.

Project team

Catherine Pope

Project funder


Associated research themes

Knowledge exchange, commissioning, GP, PCT, private sector.

Related research groups

Health Work and Systems
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