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Research project: Cancer experiences: Supportive and palliative care needs, problems and solutions (the CECo collaborative) - Dormant - Dormant

Currently Active: 

We aim to work together to make substantive progress in research capacity and the quality of research in supportive and palliative care over the next five years and to do so in a way that ensures that progress is maintained beyond this period.


We will address three inter-related research themes: innovative approaches to complex symptoms; planning for the care of older adults towards the end of life; and narratives of cancer and other life limiting illnesses. These will provide platforms on which to build our research capacity-building activities.

We recognise that experiences of serious and advanced illness are shaped by a wide range of physical and social factors and this makes consumer perspectives vital to their understanding. We therefore adopt user involvement as a key strategy. We will look afresh at challenging problems, develop new conceptual and theoretical frameworks and add analytical depth to interpretation of the evidence-base. We will build research capacity, support emerging researchers and seek to improve the quality and impact of our own research.

Our skills and expertise are drawn from palliative medicine, nursing, health services research, health psychology, sociology, primary care, gerontology, psychiatry, complementary therapies, social policy, public health, statistics, health economics, epidemiology and oncology. We will make extensive use of research expertise in cognate areas outside supportive and palliative care. We will use innovative research methods and contribute to further methodological development.

Firmly rooted in clinical realities and problems, we will create a vibrant community of collaboration to build capacity, raise research standards, leverage new resources, publish in high impact journals, encourage emergent ideas, support relevant organisations, develop new methods and bring about a step change' in both research capacity and the quality of supportive and palliative care research, such that service development becomes knowledge rich and clinical innovation is evidence based.

Project team

Claire Foster, Jessica Corner, Julia Addington-Hall 

Project funder

National Cancer Research Institute Supportive and Palliative Care Research Collaborative

Related research groups

Complex Healthcare Processes
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