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The University of Southampton
Mathematical Sciences

Dr Maarten van de Meent 

Visiting Research Fellow

Dr Maarten van de Meent's photo

Dr Maarten van de Meent is a visiting Research Fellow within Mathematical Sciences at the University of Southampton.








Research interests

I am interested in many aspects classical gravity and general relativity. My work here in Southampton focuses on the dynamics of a relatively small (compact) object in close orbit around a much larger rotating supermassive black hole. Such systems -- known as Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals (EMRIs) -- are expected to be a key source of gravitational waves for the planned spaceborne observatory LISA.

Such a system is characterized by three fundamental frequencies corresponding to the radial, polar, and azimuthal motion of the smaller object. As the system evolves it will generically encounter situations where these frequencies form integer ratios, allowing certain normally negligible incoherent effects to be coherently amplified to significant correction to the produced gravitational wave signal.

Research group

Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

Research project(s)

General Relativity

Dr Maarten van de Meent
Building 54 Mathematical Sciences University of Southampton Highfield Southampton SO17 1BJ

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