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A blue padlock made to resemble a circuit board and placed on binary computer code

We bring together leading researchers, government bodies, and key industrial players from underpinning semiconductor chips security, digital forensics, artificial intelligence, and blockchain to create future secure systems through world-class research, internationally leading training portfolio, and high-quality consultancy service.

The Cyber Security Academy (CSA) is a hub for advancing security research and providing professional training and consultancy services. We have world-class expertise in all areas related to cyber and physical systems security. This includes chips security, digital forensics, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, which we use to build countermeasures to secure our clients' infrastructure and educate the next generation of cyber security professionals.

I build secure semiconductor chips, the powerful brains behind all modern technologies, from medical devices to transportation and defense. I am passionate about creating a stimulating learning environment for educating the next generation of security engineers.
Director - Cyber Security Academy

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