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Photonics and optoelectronics

Person in laboratory using laser equipment
Explore the technologies that harness the power of light, such as lasers and optical fibres. Learn how light behaves and interacts with materials, and discover the electronic devices that generate, detect and control it.

Join a community of experts in the Optoelectronics Research Centre, a world-leading institute for optics and photonics research. Develop critical technologies that are used in areas such as medicine, defence, manufacturing, communication networks, and renewable energy. We explore optical fibres, nanophotonic and metamaterials, circuits and sensors, and photonics systems in our cleanroom facility. Learn how to design and create optical components and materials. Prepare yourself for research and product development roles in the photonics sector.

  • Awarded a Queen’s Anniversary Prize

    In recognition of our expertise in photonics and fibre optics

  • 97%
    of our engineering research is rated world leading
  • Our fibres are in space

    They are used on the Moon, Mars and the International Space Station

Photonics and optoelectronics courses

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The overlap between teaching and research means that our MSc students are always learning material at the cutting edge of research in the field.
Associate Professor
I am passionate to teach photonic materials and device platforms (fibre and waveguide) which underpin photonic applications.
Professorial Fellow-Research
I really enjoy taking our students into our fantastic cleanroom facilities, where they can see live demonstrations of optical fibre fabrication processes.
Principal Research Fellow


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