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Southampton Centre for Nineteenth-Century Research

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We highlight research on the ‘long 19th century’ (1789-1917) carried out by our members across several faculties and a wide range of disciplines.


We launched our research centre in the summer of 2012 after two years as a successful reading group. Our membership of over 70 researchers includes staff, students, and external friends. We work across several faculties in the University and beyond.

We meet up to three times a term to present and discuss our work. We also debate issues of central importance to interdisciplinary 19th century studies.

We invite guests to speak at our external events. These include seminars, and conferences.

Our centre aims are to publicise the work done by our members. We forge and extend links with 19th century researchers in other institutions globally too.


Research themes

Research themes include:

  • British debate over slavery
  • diaries of the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury
  • fluid geographies and global mobilities: recovering Southampton’s translocal book trade networks 1840 -1914
  • local population studies society parish register project
  • monstrous flowers: literature women and botany
  • the most typical Victorian of them all?
  • two shipwrecks in Alum Bay



Romance, Revolution and Reform is a PGR-led journal based at the University of Southampton. It has an open access policy, supporting post-graduates. It includes papers by established academics too.

The editorial team publishes stimulating new research on the long 19th century (1789-1914). This can be from the perspective of any humanities or social sciences discipline.

The Journal aims to help new researchers and early career academics publish their latest findings.

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People, projects, publications and PhDs


Professor Aaron Ridley

Professor in Philosophy

Research interests

  • Aesthetics
  • Philosophy of Music
  • Nietzsche

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Dr Aude Campmas

Lecturer in French Studies

Research interests

  • Representations of childfree women
  • Trauma and discrimination
  • Trauma and memory

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Professor Christer Petley

Professor of Atlantic History

Research interests

  • Atlantic History
  • Caribbean History
  • Slavery and Abolition

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Professor Christopher Janaway

Professor in Philosophy

Research interests

  • Schopenhauer
  • Nietzsche
  • Classical Indian Philosophy

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Dr Christopher Prior

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Imperial history and the legacies of empire
  • The history of modern sub-Saharan Africa
  • Socio-political and intellectual networks in foreign policy

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Emeritus Professor Christopher Woolgar FBA

Research interests

  • Daily life in the later middle ages
  • Material culture
  • Testamentary records in the later middle ages
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Professor David Brown

Professor of Modern History

Research interests

  • The history of social reform and philanthropy
  • Victorian liberalism
  • British political history 
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Dr David Cox

Lecturer B

Research interests

  • Race
  • Folklore
  • Magic
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Professor David Owen Norris MA (Oxon.) FSA FRAM FRCO FRNCM

Professor of Musical Performance

Research interests

  • Nineteenth-century pianofortes
  • The interpretation of Marks of Expression
  • Mendelssohn

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Related research institutes, centres and groups

Related research institutes, centres and groups

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