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Multiwavelength Accretion and Astronomical Transients

A black hole transient accreting matter from a neighbouring star

Our group carries out frontline research on observational astrophyics. We study the formation and growth of black holes across the electromagnetic spectrum.


We are a leading group in the UK researching the growth and evolution of compact objects. This includes white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes across their full mass scale.

We use multiwavelength observations to examine the relationship between the phenomena of accretion and outflows. This is bringing us closer to understanding how some of the most extreme objects in the cosmos form, grow and change with time, and how they impact their surrounding galaxies. 

We use frontline photometric and astrometric surveys to find new and hidden black holes, and study how they are growing. We also focus on rapid time-domain studies at multiple wavelengths, including sub-second transients and variables in the night sky.

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Professor Poshak Gandhi

Professor of Astrophysics

Research interests

  • Data-intensive Astronomy
  • Social Impact of Astronomy
  • Time-domain astrophysics, Black Holes, Lunar astronomy
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Mr Yue Zhao

Research Fellow
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For further information about our PhDs, please contact Professor Diego Altamirano

Department of Physics and Astronomy 
University of Southampton 
SO17 1BJ, UK