Southampton MA Holocaust scholarships

The Parkes Institute for the Study of Relations between Jews and non-Jews is offering 4 scholarships to students studying for the postgraduate master’s degree in Holocaust: History, Experience, Heritage.

There are up to 2 James Parkes scholarships of £6,500 and up to 2 Sayers Family scholarships of £1000 available. If you are awarded the scholarship, it will be paid towards the tuition fees of your first year of postgraduate study.


To be eligible for a scholarship you must: 

  • have an offer to study Holocaust: History, Experience, Heritage, you can be registered full time or part time
  • achieve a 2:1 (65% minimum) or an equivalent qualification in your undergraduate studies
  • be paying your tuition fees yourself

You must not be getting an external scholarship.

Deadline to apply

You must apply by Friday 30 August 2024 at midday UK time.

How we award scholarships

This is a competitive process and not all applications will be successful. 

There are 3 stages to the shortlisting process: 

  • We check that you meet the eligibility criteria
  • We review your Postgraduate application and scholarship application
  • A panel, chaired by the Director of the Parkes Institute, will decide on who gets the scholarships

The decision of the scholarship panel is final.

The quality of the applicant and the relevance of their research project to the broad remit of the Institute (Jewish/non-Jewish relations; use of Special Collections) will be the major consideration when assessing applications. 

Financial need will be considered but will not be a major determining factor in decision-making. We need to have detailed information to ensure that the process is fair and equitable to all. We will consider only basic essential needs rather than non-essential lifestyle expenditure. If you want your financial circumstances to be considered, provide supporting documentation, such as evidence of incomings and outgoings to your application form.

Conditions of getting the scholarship

How to apply

Send a 500-word personal statement explaining:

  • why you want to study at the Parkes Institute
  • your research interests
  • your professional experience and ambition
  • if relevant, details of financial circumstances 

Send your personal statement to before the deadline.

You need to send only one application to be considered for the James Parkes and Sayers Family scholarships.