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Merit scholarships for international undergraduates

The following merit scholarships are available to international students and offer up to £3,000 off the first year of tuition fees:

  • Biological Sciences Undergraduate International Scholarship
  • Business School Undergraduate International Scholarship
  • Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Undergraduate International Scholarship
  • Economic, Social and Political Sciences Undergraduate International Scholarship
  • Education School Undergraduate International Scholarship
  • Geography and Environmental Science Undergraduate International Scholarship
  • Law School Undergraduate International Scholarship
  • School of Mathematical Sciences Undergraduate International Scholarship
  • Ocean and Earth Science Undergraduate International Scholarship
  • Physics and Astronomy Undergraduate International Scholarship
  • Psychology Undergraduate International Scholarship


To be eligible for a scholarship you must:  

  • need to pay the overseas tuition fee

  • have a conditional or unconditional offer to study an eligible course 

  • be paying your own fees

You must not be getting any external sponsorship. 

For scholarships offered by Southampton Business School, School of Physics and Astronomy, and Southampton Law School, you must achieve either: 


For all other schools, you must achieve either: 


These scholarships are not available to students studying:

  • on PGCert, PGDip, Foundation or PGR courses
  • on Distance Learning courses
  • with a partner institution
  • at our campus in Malaysia
  • on continuing professional development (CPD) courses
  • only pre-sessional English - pre-sessional English students with an offer to study at undergraduate or postgraduate level can still apply

How we award merit scholarships

We award discounts of £1,000 for each grade you achieve above the standard offer for courses run by:

  • Southampton Business School 
  • Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  • Economic, Social and Political Sciences
  • Southampton Education School 
  • Southampton Law School 
  • School of Mathematical Sciences 
  • Physics and Astronomy

For example, if you need A, B, B in your A levels and you get A, A, A, you will get £2,000 towards your first year tuition fees. 

For all other courses, you must get A* to A grades for us to award you discounts of £1,000 for each grade. This applies to: 

  • Biological Science
  • Geography and Environmental Science
  • Ocean and Earth Science
  • Psychology

For example, if you get A, A, A in your A levels, you will get £3,000 towards your first year tuition fees. 

The most you can get is £3,000. The scholarships apply only to the first year of your tuition fees.


How to apply

You do not need to apply for merit scholarships. If you meet the eligibility criteria, we will award you this scholarship and let you know by email.

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