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Centre for Global Englishes

A collection of signs in different languages

We conduct and share research on global English usage and users, focusing on Global Englishes and on English as a Lingua Franca in particular. Our centre fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange with researchers and centres worldwide.


The main aims and focus of CGE are to:

  • produce, support and disseminate research on the linguistic and sociocultural dimensions of global uses, usages and users of English (i.e. Global Englishes), and on English as a Lingua Franca in particular
  • explore the implications of such research and develop new conceptualisations of (English) language and communication
  • investigate, evaluate, promote, and influence conceptions and applications of English in academic settings, including a strong focus on internationalisation in Higher Education
  • provide a forum for knowledge-sharing and collaboration with other interested researchers and research centres around the world, as well as with those not directly involved in researching the field, but interested in learning more about it

News and events

Find out more about our activities on our news and events pages.

Our director

The director of the Centre for Global Englishes is Dr Will Baker.

People, projects, publications and PhDs


Dr Adriana Patino

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Director of the Centre for Linguistics, Language Education and Acquisition Research (CLLEAR). I have expertise in sociolinguistic ethnography, language socialisation, narrative inquiry, and multilingualism. I have concentrated on the social processes that are produced in daily-life encounters by focusing on the intersection between language, ideology and positioning. My interests lie in the area of how young people and adults experience language issues when embarking upon life projects involving mobility. I am currently interested in Family, Language and Memory. 

Accepting applications from PhD students

Ms Alison Dickens

Dir. of Enterprise & Short Course

Professor Clare Mar-Molinero

Professor of Spanish Sociolinguistics

Research interests

  • Spanish sociolinguistics (global Spanish, Spain, Mexico, US Latinx)
  • Language policy, ideologies and practices
  • Language and migration

Accepting applications from PhD students

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