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Hollow Core Fibre

View from above of two researchers feeding glass into a fibre drawing furnace.

We are world leaders in Hollow Core Optical Fibre research. Our ground-breaking fibres guide light at vacuum speeds and unprecedented intensities, enabling advances in telecoms, manufacturing and sensing.

We develop and produce hollow core fibres, a modern type of flexible glass fibre that guides light within a hollow space at the centre of the fibre. Hollow core fibres have the potential to revolutionise quantum communication, laser delivery in industrial and medical applications, and sensing. Over the past few years, we have successfully developed new designs and are proud to have fabricated the world's lowest loss hollow core fibres.

Hollow core fibres can revolutionise sensing, data-communications, and laser delivery. Our team and global network of partners are at the forefront of this revolutionary technology.
Professorial Fellow-Research
I lead hollow core fibre fabrication for new applications spaces, covering a range of wavelengths often inaccessible to conventional silica glass fibres.
Senior Research Fellow
My research group exploits hollow core fibres as a platform for optical gas sensing. We currently have projects working on environmental monitoring and health applications.
Principal Research Fellow

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