Your accommodation options

All our halls promote diversity and equality. We want you to feel at home in an inclusive living environment and have an enriching experience. 

You can choose your room type and hall and tell us about additional needs or preferences on your accommodation application. These options may not be available at all halls, so if you’d like more information, please contact The Student Hub.

Accessible or adapted accommodation  

We can provide accommodation adaptations for students with extra needs due to a disability or long-term health condition.

You can contact the University’s Student Disability and Inclusion team if you’d like to discuss your options before applying. 

Alcohol-free flats 

Alcohol-free flats are for students who agree not to store or drink alcohol within their rooms or shared areas. You’ll also agree that anyone who visits you will stick to the same rules. 

You will not be placed in an Alcohol-free flat if you have not asked for it. 

Catered package

Our Self-catered rooms can be booked with a Catered package, which provides a weekly pre-paid amount of credit that you can spend in any Campus Kitchen outlet throughout your contract. 

All our outlets provide a range of gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and halal options.

Find out more on the University catering webpage.

LGBTQ+ flats 

LGBTQ+ flats are for people who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community, who want to live with others from that community. The University of Southampton is a diverse organisation and expects all students and staff to be tolerant and respectful of each other.

However, we recognise that some LGBTQ+ students may feel more comfortable living with other LGBTQ+ students, and so you can request this on your application. We will prioritise your preference for LGBTQ+ accommodation above your selected hall and room type preferences, if required.

Please note that we cannot offer LGBTQ+ accommodation in addition to Quieter lifestyle or Alcohol-free, and we cannot offer single gender LGBTQ+ accommodation. 

Quieter lifestyle flats 

We offer Quieter lifestyle rooms in most of our halls, where students who want a quieter living arrangement can live with others who also want this. Most of our postgraduate rooms are Quieter lifestyle by default, but a lot of undergraduates choose this option too.

Student accommodation is often lively and we are proud of our vibrant student communities across the city, but this option means those who value peace and quiet in their home environment can choose to partake in the social scene as much or as little as they like. 

We also offer a Quieter lifestyle and Alcohol-free combined option in some of our halls. 

Shared accommodation 

We offer one bed flats for couples at City Gateway, Mayflower and Glen Eyre halls sites. 

Couples accommodation is not covered by the accommodation guarantee as we have a limited stock of this type of accommodation.

Single gender accommodation 

Most of our accommodation is mixed gender, but if you would prefer a single gender living arrangement, you can request this. No overnight guests of a different gender to the flat residents are permitted. 

Please note that members of staff attending flats for cleaning, maintenance or other purposes may be a different gender to the flat residents. 

Show flat accommodation

Show flats are groups of single rooms with a shared kitchen area that prospective students can visit during university open days and visit days. 

If you live in a show flat, you will receive a 5% discount on your halls fees for allowing people to view your room and communal spaces. The University will ensure that a guide is always present during every tour. No unaccompanied visitors will be in your flat and a cleaning team will visit your communal areas before open days. 

Show flats set a model example of the living experience at our halls. You must agree to the following conditions during your stay:

  • keep your room and communal areas clean and tidy
  • be polite and friendly to visitors and guides
  • make sure no offensive items are displayed in your flat

You will also have the option to sign up to be a student ambassador. This means you will be able to show your room to perspective students. Student ambassadors get paid an hourly rate and you would need to sign up with Uniworkforce.


The following options are not offered by our Private partner halls or within standard shared bathroom accommodation at Highfield Hall:

  • Alcohol-free
  • LGBTQ+
  • Quieter lifestyle
  • Single gender
  • Show flat accommodation

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