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Your accommodation options

Here's a list of things to think about when you're choosing your student accommodation. You have plenty of options so these hints and tips will help you find the right accommodation.

Accessible or adapted accommodation 

We want you to feel at home while living in our accommodation. If there’s anything we can do to make your room more comfortable or accessible, you can request this when making your application. You can also contact us or the University’s Enabling Services team if you’d like to discuss your options before applying.

Self-catered or part-catered halls

All of our halls offer self-catered accommodation. This means you’ll have access to a shared kitchen where you can store and cook food for yourself. Kitchens usually include an oven, hob, microwave, fridge, freezer, and eating area.

Highfield Hall and Wessex Lane also offer part-catered accommodation. This means you can visit a communal dining room where we’ll serve you:

  • Monday to Friday: breakfast and dinner
  • Saturday: brunch
  • Sunday: lunch

These meals are included with the price of your room during term time, but you’ll need to pay for your own lunch on weekdays, plus extra meals at the weekend and during holidays.

Postgraduates and mature students

Lots of postgraduates live in the University’s halls. City Gateway is a modern and well-equipped hall that’s just for postgraduates and mature students. It’s well connected to our campuses and has a doctor's surgery, pharmacy, convenience store and gym on the ground floor.

You can choose to apply for most of our other halls of residence in Southampton or Winchester. We’ll try to give you a room alongside other postgraduates, or students who would like to live in a quieter space.

You can also choose to live in privately owned accommodation. You can contact us if you need any advice about finding or applying for any type of accommodation.

Find out more about our postgraduate accommodation.

Bringing your car

We strongly encourage our students not to bring cars to the University. This is because:

  • cars impact the environment
  • extra traffic impacts the local community
  • many of our halls of residence are within walking distance of our main campuses
  • Unilink offers a regular bus service around our locations in Southampton, and you’ll get a free pass when you live in halls

Who can request a parking space at our halls

We’ll offer you a space if you have a certified medical condition that means you need a car. You can also request a space if exceptional circumstances mean that you have to bring your car with you to University. Please email to make your request before you arrive at your accommodation.

Parking on local streets

You’ll need a residents’ parking permit to park for more than 2 hours on most streets around our halls and campuses. The City Council does not provide these permits to students in halls of residence.

How to get a visitor parking permit

You can buy 3 visitor parking permits per term if you live in halls in Southampton (excluding City Gateway and Mayflower). You can use these when family and friends come to visit you.

Where to park when you move in and out of halls

We allow some parking on site during moving in and moving out periods. Please email or speak to your hall reception for further information.

Alcohol-free flats

When you apply for your accommodation you can ask to live in an alcohol-free flat. We’ll do our best to place you with other students who agree not to store or drink alcohol within their rooms or shared areas. You’ll also agree that anyone who visits you will stick to the same rules.

You will not be placed in an alcohol-free flat if you have not asked for it.

Live in a show flat

A show flat is a group of single rooms with a shared kitchen area that we allow prospective students to visit on our open days.

If you volunteer to live in a show flat we’ll pay you a small fee for allowing people to view your room and communal space.

We’ll make sure that:

  • guides will be present during all tours, so no one will be unaccompanied in your flat
  • a cleaning team will visit all communal areas before the open day

To live in a show flat you’ll need to:

  • keep your room and communal areas clean and tidy
  • make sure you do not display any offensive items
  • be polite and friendly to our visitors and guides on open days

Shared or single rooms

Almost all of our rooms are for one person, so you will not have to share with someone if you do not want to.

Bed sizes in halls

Rooms in our halls are supplied with either a single, small double or double bed. We can only provide you with a different bed if there is a clear need, for example if you are too tall for the bed.

Private accommodation

Most students choose to live in private student accommodation after their first year. We can give you advice and support about how to rent privately if you need it.

You can also apply to stay in halls of residence after your first year too. If you’d like to live with your friends, you can apply for your accommodation as a group and we’ll do our best to give you rooms next to each other if available.

Compare our halls of residence

Now that you know what to think about when you're choosing student accommodation compare our halls of residence to see which one suits you best.

Compare our student halls

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