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Bioarchaeology and Osteoarchaeology at Southampton (BOS)

A collection of bones scattered across a table top

We integrate human osteoarchaeology and zooarchaeology to explore aspects of past human identities, migration, diet, disease, and religious practices.

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We bring together human osteoarchaeology and zooarchaeology. In particular, we take a biocultural approach to the study of bioarchaeology of both human and faunal remains. 

Core group members include Sonia Zakrzewski, Jaco Weinstock, Jo Sofaer and Alistair Pike, plus Simon Mays (Historic England) and Dale Serjeantson. We also have graduate students, both PhD and master's. Our interests include skeletal and bodily expression of past human identities, migration, diet, occupation, and activity practices. Additionally, we conduct research on disease (palaeopathology), disability, and religious practice.

This research sometimes includes isotope analysis, ancient DNA research and the use of micro-CT. We often collaborate with other groups and use facilities across the University.

We also undertake some contract osteological work of both faunal and human assemblages.

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Professor Alistair Pike

Professor in Archaeological Science

Research interests

  • U-Th dating
  • Radiocarbon dating
  • Reconstruction of mobility using Sr and O isotopes, including time resolved measurements by laser ablation

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Dr Jacobo Weinstock

Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Zooarchaeology
  • Palaeogenetics
  • Palaeoecology
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Professor Joanna Sofaer

Professor of Archaeology

Research interests

  • The role of cultural and community assets in health and wellbeing
  • The relationship between heritage and wellbeing
  • The social value of archaeology 

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Professor Sonia Zakrzewski

Prof of Bioarchaeology & BioAnthropology

Research interests

  • bioarchaeology and palaeopathology
  • disAbility, impairment, injury and disease
  • race, migration and mobility

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Miss Xinyue Shao

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