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UK student healthcare

We encourage all our students, UK and international, to register with a local doctor. 

International students

Health services are mostly free at the point of need in the UK. UK residents pay taxes that fund the National Health Service (NHS).

As an international student you'll be able to access NHS services if your course is longer than 6 months. To access NHS services you'll need to pay your Immigration Health Surcharge. You'll pay this as part of your visa application when you arrive and you will need to pay it again for each year you are studying here. 

If your course of study in the UK is less than 6 months then you'll need to consider private health insurance. 

Learn more about the Immigration Health Surcharge on the government website. 

UK students

As a UK resident you can access all NHS services as you always have. 

You should think about where you spend most of your time. If most of your time is spent at the University and you're not working remotely from home you should register with a GP who's local to the campus. 

NHS guide to getting medical care as a student

Health services on campus

There are doctors and dentists either on or near both Highfield and Winchester campuses. 

The University Health Service is based at Highfield Campus. 

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