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Research project: Minaret of Jam archaeological project - Dormant - Dormant

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The Minaret of Jam soars into the sky in a steep-sided valley in central Afghanistan - it is hard to believe that such a magnificent, 63m high structure could have been ‘forgotten’ about by the outside world after the Mongol destruction of the site c 1221-2.

The principal study of the minaret was carried out by the French scholars Maricq and Wiet in the late 1950s. With the exception of Herberg and Davary's brief surveys in the 1970s, little fieldwork had been conducted on the surrounding archaeological site, until the inception of the Minaret of Jam Archaeological Project in 2003. We completed a second season of fieldwork at Jam in 2005, but urgent structural work to consolidate the minaret has since prevented our return. Consequently, we are about to commence a survey of Ghurid and other archaeological sites in Ghur province, as part of a training scheme with archaeologists from the National Afghan Institute of Archaeology and Kabul University.

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