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Development of a decision aid for offloading device selection for people with diabetic foot ulceration

Project overview

Aim: To develop a shared decision aid (DA) for offloading device selection for people with diabetic foot ulceration; A secondary aim is to explore workforce willingness, confidence, and competence to use DAs and shared decision-making.

Methods: Two parallel workstreams (WS) will be completed. WS1 DA development will be undertaken in accordance with the International Patient Decision Aid Standards. The DA will likely contain information about a) the decision to be made, b) option risks and benefits, c) related values and d) decision next steps. WS2 Workforce readiness will be evaluated through a) scoping literature review, b) national workforce survey, and c) stakeholder focus group about workforce capability development, training needs, and implementation recommendations.

Expected outcomes: WS1 will produce a decision aid and the consolidation and generation of new partnerships ready for full trial evaluation. WS2 will identify priority areas to support workforce implementation of shared decision-making and DAs. This programme addresses multiple JLA priorities including PSP1, PSP2, PSP5 and PSP9. Additional benefits include research capacity growth in PSP areas through subsequent national multicentre trial, with routes to support Advanced Clinical Practice and an embedded PhD studentship.


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Dr Surussawadi Bennett

Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Personalized care in long-term conditions.
  • Diapragmatic movement in respiratory long-term conditions.
  • Randomized controlled trial studies.
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Miss Joanne Casey

Senior Research Assistant
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Dr Kate Lippiett

Senior Research Fellow
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