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Research project: An investigation into skin hydration, interface pressures, emollients and absorbents - Dormant - Dormant

Currently Active: 

Incontinent people who use absorbent pads are vulnerable to skin health problems such as dermatitis and pressure ulcers. Yet little is known about interactions of absorbent products, pressure-relieving products and skin barrier products.


This study consists of 5 modules and aims to (i) develop and refine methodologies for measuring skin hydration; (ii) determine the impact on skin hydration of a range of different absorbent products under standardised controlled conditions, (iii) measure the ability of different topical skin barrier products to reduce skin hydration, (iv) measure the effects of different topical skin barrier products on the leakage performance of continence pads, (v) determine the effects of absorbent continence products on the pressure distribution properties of different pressure management products.


Quasi-clinical laboratory studies.

Main outcomes

Interface pressures, water penetration of the skin, strike-through times.

Project team

Mandy Fader 

Project funder

Smith and Nephew Foundation

Related research groups

Active Living and Rehabilitation
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