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Research project: Evolving theory in interprofessional education - Dormant - Dormant

Currently Active: 

Researchers, including doctoral students, curriculum developers/teachers/facilitators of IPE and HSC practitioners were invited to four seminar series hosted at four locations nationally to maximise participation.

Four one-day events were held over 20 months with keynote presentations, group work and discussion planned and coordinated by a convener group. A wiki space facilitated cooperation across institutions, enabling data sharing and knowledge transfer

Seminars were videoed/podcasted where possible and data collected by:-
End of seminar participant questionnaires.
Convener group meeting notes and reflections.
Results of seminar small group activities.

These sources were analysed to develop future seminars, consolidate the learning and identify emergent key themes.

The seminars aimed to:

  • Develop heuristic overviews of the plethora of theories recently introduced into the IPE field
  • Compare/contrast these theories and establish consensus on which should take priority in future research.
  • Evolve prioritised key theories in IPE through discussion of potential applications in interprofessional education and research.
  • Emphasise theoretical underpinnings of interprofessional education and research to improve the quality of research and practice in this area and other interdisciplinary contexts.
  • Bring together expertise in educators/researchers from a range of health and social care (HSC), education and psychosocial disciplines, to create a forum through which researchers debate and develop the research evidence base surrounding IPE.
  • Encourage cross fertilisation of ideas, and improve communications between practitioners/researchers within HSC and other disciplines (specifically those of sociology, psychology, education).
  • Encourage new collaborations/networks between HSC, education, psychology and social science disciplines.

Project team

Dr Deborah Craddock, Dr Alan Borthwick

Dr Sarah Hean, Dr Eloise Carr, Dr Martin Hind, (University of Bournemouth) , Professor Hugh Barr, Professor Marilyn Hammick, (UK Centre for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education), Professor Margaret Miers,( University of West of England), Dr Claire Dickinson,(University of Newcastle ), Dr Cath O’Halloran, (University of Huddersfield)

Project funder

ESRC Seminar Series

Useful links

Hean, S., Craddock, D. and O'Halloran, C., 2009. Learning theories and interprofessional education: a user’s guide. Learning in Health and Social Care, 8 (4), pp. 250-262.

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Conferences and events associated with this project:

Hean, S., Hammick, M., Craddock, D., O’Halloran, C. and Barr, H. (2010) ‘Evolving Theory in Interprofessional Education: Outcomes and Outlook’. All Together Better Health V: Seeing Things Differently, 6-9th April 2010 Novotel Sydney Manly Pacific NSW Australia.

Hean,S., Barr,H., Borthwick,A., Carr,E., Craddock,D., Dickinson,C. Hammick,M., Hind,M., Miers,M., O’Halloran,C. (2008), Evolving IPE theory for practice: Outcomes of discussion from a seminar series; Altogether Better Health IV, Stockholm, 2-4 June, 2008

Hean,S., Craddock,D., O’Halloran, C. (2008) Application and future of key learning theories in IPE, International Interprofessional Conference, Salford, July 2008


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