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Research project: Skin hydration, friction, sheer and absorbent products - Dormant - Dormant

Currently Active: 

The project consists of i) A quasi-clinical laboratory study of wet and dry pad materials and skin friction, ii) a survey of nursing staff to identify and explore current nursing practices related to pressure, iii) Laboratory testing of a wide range of the pads/features/materials that are currently available on the UK market to identify the optimum products, iv) A clinical study comparing different tools for measuring skin health iv) standardisation of a method of photographing skin health problems.

Main question(s)

 What is the relationship between different absorbent pad materials and skin health?


Laboratory study of pad materials, survey, clinical study of incontinence-related skin-health problems.

Main outcomes

Measurement of friction, measurement of interface pressures, measurement of skin health problems.

Project team

Mandy Fader

Project funder

SCA Hygiene , Sweden 2006

Related research groups

Active Living and Rehabilitation
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