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A surgeon monitoring a screen.
Web Science Institute

Digital health

We explore opportunities to better govern the use of healthcare data and to understand new forms of data and their role in health interventions.

We work on the theoretical and practical ways to improve treatment and change individuals' behaviours for better health. 

We welcome research proposals that investigate new and innovative socio-technical approaches to governing and using health and social care data.   

These might, for example, explore ways to:  

  • automatically manage the misuse or leakage of data across its lifecycle and in AI pipelines 
  • manage data ownership and rights, track data provenance and enforce consent, contracts and licenses in AI pipelines 
  • establish protocols for linking electronic health care records with health-related datasets, including those that provide social determinants of health (social media and digital health platforms, for example) 
  • get communities to help design, implement and evaluate digital health solutions 
  • understand the challenges of using healthcare and new forms of data to improve healthcare outcomes 

Contact us

If you’re a researcher, policymaker or industry representative and you have a project proposal or need related to this theme, please contact theme lead Mark Weal. 

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