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Professor Jon Adams 

Professor, Director Centre for Maritime Archaeology,Erasmus co-ordinator Archaeology

Professor Jon Adams's photo

Professor Jon Adams is a Professor of Archaeology at the University of Southampton.

Jonathan Adams is a specialist in maritime archaeology, with interests in ships as manifestations of innovation and social change, and in the practice of archaeology in the coastal zone and under water, particularly the ethics of the developing field of deepwater archaeology.

Research interests

Jonathan was a Deputy Director of the Mary Rose Project and has directed several other research excavations including the Amsterdam (UK), and the Sea Venture (Bermuda). He is currently working on medieval and early modern shipwreck sites in Sweden including the Kravel Project, and in Guernsey, as well as prehistoric maritime landscapes in Sweden and the UK. He is Director of the Centre for Maritime Archaeology and a member of the Archaeology Management Group.

Research group

Affiliate research groups

Centre for Maritime Archaeology, Maritime Archaeology

Research project(s)

Lacustrine archaeology: potential indicators for recent crustal movements. A Swedish case study: Lake Vattern - Dormant

In May/June 1999 the High Resolution Seismology Group conducted a side scan and chirp sonar survey in Lake Vattern, South-Central Sweden.

Beaulieu river project - Dormant

The 'Beaulieu river project' is an investigation of the archaeology, history and geomorphology of the Beaulieu river in Hampshire.

Guernsey medieval wrecks project

In 1986 the Romano-Celtic wreck (dubbed the 'Asterix Ship' by the media) was salvaged from St Peter Port Harbour, Guernsey (Rule & Monaghan 1993). It had been discovered by Richard Keen, a Guernsey professional diver. It had become exposed due to progressive erosion caused by the increased volume of shipping traffic into the harbour as well as an increase in the mean size of vessels (Rule 1993:6).

Kravel project: The survey and recording of an early sixteenth century wreck in the Baltic

Franska Stenarna (The French Stones) are a hazardous group of rocks out in the Nämdöfjärden (the Nämdö Fjord) near Stockholm, Sweden. In 1990 the wreck of a ship that must have wrecked upon them nearly 500 years ago was discovered lying between 30 and 56m.

Krogen project - Dormant

This is a collaborative maritime research project between the departments of archaeology at the University of Stockholm and the University of Southampton. 

Langstone Harbour project - Dormant

A survey and underwater excavation of a number of submerged structures in Langstone Harbour.

Roman shipwrecks project - Dormant

The Roman shipwrecks project was set up in 2000 to investigate the existence of Roman wrecks in the waters surrounding the British Isles. This project continues research begun in 1998, with funding from the Royal Commission on the Historic Monuments of England (RCHME)'s National Monuments Record.

Maritime and marine historic environment research framework - Dormant

The Centre for Maritime Archaeology at the University of Southampton has been commissioned by English Heritage to coordinate the development of a research framework for the maritime, marine and coastal archaeology of England.

Acoustic methods in marine archaeology - Dormant

Resolving the challenges of imaging buried artefacts in the marine environment.

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Professor Jon Adams
Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Southampton
Avenue Campus, Highfield
SO17 1BF
United Kingdom

Room Number : 65A/2039

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