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The University of Southampton

Dr Hugo Putuhena BSc, MSc, PhD

Research Fellow in Offshore Renewable Energy, Spatial Mapping

Dr Hugo Putuhena's photo

Hugo Putuhena is a Research Fellow in Offshore Renewable Energy at the University of Southampton. He is working on the Supergen (ORE) hub project and is part of the Royal Academy of Engineering Centre of Excellence for Intelligent & Resilient Ocean Engineering and the Infrastructure group in the Department of Civil and Maritime Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

My research focusses on characterising the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) environment and mapping the offshore wind energy potential across the UKCS to support  the UK government target for offshore wind energy for 2050.

My work involves quantitative characterisation and comparison of a range of variables, both natural and anthropogenic, that are concerned with the deployment of offshore wind turbines within the UKCS. A spatial model will be developed to estimate the potential extent and location of wind turbine structures (fixed and floating) that could be deployed within each sea to estimate the energy that could be produced across the UKCS.

I am using my background as a marine geoscientist to carry out geospatial mapping and analysis to address the challenge in integrating all the multi-variant constraints that need to be considered to characterise the environment of each sea in the UKCS and conducting a spatial model to estimate the amount of wind turbine that could be installed across the UKCS. My project is funded by the ESPRC Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Supergen Hub.

I was awarded a PhD in Petroleum Geoscience at the University of Manchester in 2020 and graduated with a MSc in Oceanography (Marine Geophysics) in School of Ocean and Earth Sciences at University of Southampton in 2015. Both were funded by Indonesia Endowment Fund of Education (LPDP). My PhD thesis is titled as ‘Seismic characterisation and remote sensing of fluid flow in sedimentary basins’, which focused on an integration of multi-variant data (subsurface, seabed, and sea-surface) to understand one of the key subjects in sedimentary basins evolution, the subsurface fluid flow and how this impacts energy resources reserve, geohazard risk, and environmental in a basin scale scope. 

Research interests

  • Integrating multi-variant data (e.g., geophysical, geological, metocean and remote sensing data) through a GIS-based spatial analysis
  • Seismic geomorphology/stratigraphy
  • Quantitative analysis for seafloor/near-surface processes
  • Shallow geohazard for seafloor infrastructure
  • Subsurface fluid flow | bottom & turbidity currents

Research group

Infrastructure Group

Affiliate research group

Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies Centre of Excellence in Intelligent & Resilient Ocean Engineering (IROE)

Dr Hugo Putuhena
Engineering, University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton. SO17 1BJ United Kingdom

Room Number NNN: 178/L3

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