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Doctor Hugo Putuhena

Dr Hugo Putuhena

RF in Offshore Renewable Energy

Research interests

  • Geographic Information System (GIS) to assess intersections of multivariate aspects in the ocean  
  • Ocean characterisation   
  • Balancing clean energy ambitions with sustainable technological solutions and supply chain and minimum impact to environment and human cultures and activities

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Address: Boldrewood Campus, Burgess Road, SO16 7QF (View in Google Maps)


Hugo Putuhena is a Research Fellow in Offshore Renewable Energy at the University of Southampton. 

His research focuses on how GIS is used to collate multi-disciplinary ocean data, perform ocean characterisation, and communicate insights that balance clean energy ambitions with sustainable supply chains and minimum risk to the environment.  

His work involves collaborations with experts and stakeholders from various research, industry, and government bodies on delivering insights in aiding the identification and elaboration of complex issues in the ocean environment and catalysing further analysis, research, or engineering solutions.

He has a geoscience and geospatial background with a bachelor's in Physical Oceanography, a master's degree in Oceanography (Marine Geophysics), and a doctoral degree in Stratigraphic and Basin Studies. 

He is part of the Supergen (ORE) hub project and the Royal Academy of Engineering Centre of Excellence for Intelligent & Resilient Ocean Engineering (IROE).

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