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Health Sciences
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Dr Danielle Lambrick BSc, PhD, SFHEA

Senior Lecturer in Health and Life Sciences, Exams Officer in the School of Health Sciences

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Dr Danielle Lambrick is a Senior Lecturer in Health and Life Sciences in the School of Health Sciences, University of Southampton. She is the appointed Exams Officer within the School, coordinating and managing the academic examinations procedures.

Danielle leads the Foundations in Health Sciences modules, and coordinates and participates in the delivery of core anatomy, physiology, pathphysiology and research methods content within various Undergraduate and Postgraduate Nursing, Midwifery, Cardiac Physiology, and Allied Health Professional Programmes.

Her research focusses on the benefits of physical activity on improving health outcomes, particularly those that relate to the development of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Danielle’s research concerns both the primary and secondary prevention of NCDs, and focusses on paediatric and adolescent populations, as well as clinical groups, such as stroke and spinal cord injury.   

Danielle has extensive applied experience in providing exercise rehabilitation to patients with stroke, Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA) and cardiac complications, and in administering fun, engaging and health-enhancing exercise interventions to paediatric groups. She was a founding member of the first secondary-prevention clinic for patients with minor stroke and TIA in New Zealand, and is a collaborator with HELP Hampshire; a health-enhancing lifestyle programme for people who have suffered a stroke or TIA in Hampshire, UK (

Non-communicable diseases are those diseases that are preventable. Leading a healthy lifestyle and in particular being regularly physically active is essential for reducing your risk of developing a number of serious health conditions. Here are three points to remember: 1) Benefits to health start at just 30 minutes of physical activity per week 2) Physical activity can reduce all-cause mortality more effectively than medication 3) It’s FREE!

Danielle obtained her PhD in Sport and Health Sciences (2010), and prior to this, her BSc (Hons) in Exercise and Sports Sciences (2006) from the University of Exeter, UK.

Danielle joined the University of Southampton in 2015, having previously worked as a Senior Lecturer in Health and Life Sciences in the Institute of Food, Nutrition and Human Health, at Massey University, New Zealand.

Research interests

Danielle’s research interests can be broadly defined as follows:

  • Lifestyle interventions for NCD prevention and disease management, across the lifespan;
  • Physical, physiological and psychological (cognitive) benefits of physical activity and/or exercise, across the lifespan;
  • Methods of measurement (incl. non-invasive measures of vascular function, near-infrared spectroscopy, oxygen uptake kinetics).

Potential PhD candidates in these areas will be considered.

PhD supervision

PhD Supervised to Completion:

  • Dr Sudesh Sharma - Understanding the social determinants of non-communicable disease in Nepal: a systems perspective
  • Dr Zainab Jasem - Supportive play environment for children living with life-threatening and lifelimiting conditions: a mixed-methods study in Kuwait and the United Kingdom
  • Dr Andy Mitchelmore - The reproducibility of oscillometric assessment of central haemodynamics and the efficacy of acute and chronic physical activity interventions in an older population and after stroke

Research group

Active Living for Health

Research theme

Active Living



Research project(s)

MOTH Project 3: Service evaluation of exercise referral schemes (Southampton (Falls) & Winchester (Stroke) schemes)

Exercise referral schemes (ERS) provide group-based activity for people with a health condition or at risk of developing a condition. This project uses a protocol developed by the MOTH Programme to evaluate such schemes.

Faculty-level responsibilities:

  • Ethics Reviewer for the FELS Ethics Committee

School-level responsibilities:

  • Exams Officer
  • Life Sciences Theme-Lead
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Book Chapters


Dr Danielle Lambrick is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA).

Module Leadership:

  • NPCG1025 – Foundations of Health Sciences for Nursing Practice
  • PSIO1029 – Foundations of Health Sciences for Physiotherapy
  • PODY1025 – Foundations of Health Sciences for Podiatry
  • OCCT1029 – Foundations of Health Sciences for Occupational Therapy
  • HPRS1031 – Foundations of Healthcare Science

Deputy Module Leadership:

  • NPCG1029 – Applied Health Sciences for Nursing Practice
  • [UG] Applied Health Sciences (PSIO1032, PODY1029, HPRS1033)


  • [UG] Foundations of Health Sciences (NPCG1025, PSIO1029, PODY1025, OCCT1029, HPRS1031)
  • [UG] Science for Midwifery Practice (NPMS1019)
  • [UG] Applied Health Sciences (PSIO1032, PODY1029, HPRS1033)
  • [UG] Applied Health Sciences for Nursing Practice (NPCG1029)
  • [PG] Research Methods: Evidence-based practice (HLTH6224, HLTH6225)
  • [PG] Fundamental Aspects of Care (NPCG3136)
  • [PG] Intensive Care (HLTH6208)

Prior Module Leaderships:

  • [UG] Applied Health Sciences (PSIO1032, PODY1029, HPRS1033)

Prior Deputy Module Leaderships:

  • [PG] Research Methods: Evidence-based practice (Blended: HLTH6225, Online: HLTH6224)
Dr Danielle Lambrick
Health Sciences, University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton SO17 1BJ

Room Number : 67/3059

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