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Dr Surussawadi Bennett

Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Personalized care in long-term conditions.
  • Diapragmatic movement in respiratory long-term conditions.
  • Randomized controlled trial studies.

More research


I have conducted research in children and adults with respiratory diseases including the application and development of Computer Aided Lung Sounds Analysis for the diagnosis and assessment of outcome measures for respiratory physiotherapy techniques. I have worked as a physiotherapy lecturer since 1993. My principal area of expertise is chest physiotherapy techniques in neonatal intensive care units, paediatric intensive care units and infectious children wards. I have also worked as a clinical instructor, teaching undergraduate physiotherapy students at the university hospital. I have been a supervisor of physiotherapy students for both masters and PhD degrees. My research interests also include the application of ultrasound to measure diaphragmatic movement in children with cerebral palsy in response to manual treatment and investigation of motor development in pre-maturity and orphan infants. My ambition is to improve respiratory physiotherapy techniques by conducting quality research that can be applied in clinical practice and the community to improve respiratory function and health among children and adults with acute and chronic illness. In my previous position, I successfully ran a randomized control trial investigating the effectiveness of manual diaphragmatic stretching techniques on respiratory function among spastic cerebral palsy. I was also able to translate this knowledge to the wider physiotherapy community responsible for the treatment of cerebral palsy. I achieved this by creating an instructional DVD which allowed them to follow the technique that I developed. I received very positive feedback indicating that more than 90% of those that followed my technique found it effective and easy to apply in children.