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Southampton Education Civic Scholarship

This scholarship award is for one full fee waiver for a UK or international student, applying to study the part-time, 2 year, MSc Education Online programme starting in 2024.   

Please note this scholarship is limited to the MSc Education (online) programme and is not applicable to the MSc Education (full-time, Campus) programme. 


To be eligible for a scholarship you must: 

  • Hold a conditional or unconditional offer from Southampton for the part-time, 2 year, MSc Education Online programme 
  • Meet your offer conditions, including University’s English language requirements, by the admissions deadline stated in your programme offer letters

Deadline to apply 

You can apply for the scholarship until 5pm (UK time) on 15 July 2024. We will contact you by 5 August 2024 to confirm the outcome of your scholarship application.   

We cannot accept late applications. 

How we award scholarships 

This is a competitive process and not all applications will be successful. 

There are 3 stages to the shortlisting process.  

  • We check that you meet the eligibility criteria.  
  • We assess your academic record and qualifications  
  • A selection panel will decide on the successful applicant. The panel will consider your supporting statement, alongside your academic achievements to date.  

The decision of the scholarship panel is final. 

Conditions of getting the scholarship 

Find out the conditions of getting a scholarship.  

How to apply  

  1. Apply to study the part-time, 2 year, MSc Education Online programme with the University of Southampton.
  2. Complete the scholarship expression of interest form which includes submitting a 500 word supporting statement and your CV.