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The University of Southampton
University of Southampton wind tunnels

7' x 5' tunnel

The 7’ x 5’ wind tunnel has a slightly smaller 2.1 m x 1.5m working section, with wind speeds of up to 45 m/s, and is used extensively for undergraduate and postgraduate research projects. It also has a moving ground for ground-effect aerodynamic work. The tunnel also has a 4.6 m x 3.7 m (15’ x 12’) low speed section that is used for wind engineering studies and work for the marine industry on racing yacht sails.

Anemometer calibration being carried out in the wind tunnel.
The 7' x 5' Wind Tunnel

This is the original closed circuit University wind tunnel and is used extensively for academic research and teaching. The closed jet high-speed working section is smaller than that in the R. J. Mitchell tunnel but it also has a larger low-speed section, which has been used for a wide variety of industrial tests, including sail tests for America’s Cup and round the world racing yachts.

Working sections
High-speed (7’x 5’) 2.1 m wide x 1.5m high x 4.4m long
Wind speed range from 4 to 45m/s
Low-speed (15’x 12’) 4.6m wide x 3.7m high x 3.7m long
Maximum wind speed of 11 m/s

Balances in the high-speed section
3-component weigh beam balance in tunnel roof
4-component strut mounted Aerotech balance for vehicle tests

Balance in the low-speed section
6-component load cell balance mounted below floor on 3m-diameter turntable

Moving ground in the high-speed section
Belt 1.5m wide x 2.1 m long with a speed range of up to 40m/s
Boundary layer control gives >99.8% of free stream velocity 2mm above belt

Model scales
Suitable for up to ~30% race car models in the high-speed section
Suitable for models up to 3m long in the low-speed section

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