Wind tunnel: 3.5m by 2.4m by 10.5m

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About the Wind tunnel: 3.5m by 2.4m by 10.5m

The R J Mitchell Wind Tunnel is the largest of our wind tunnels. It is ideal for vehicle aerodynamic work and performance sport testing.

Consultancy and commercial hire

We offer expert advice through our consultancy services which include:

  • technical support
  • design and drawing
  • results analysis and interpretation

Our support workshops offer metalworking, model making and jig manufacture facilities.

You can also hire the tunnel to carry out your own testing, with our expertise on hand should you need it.

Technical specification

Working section

The dimensions of the working section are 3.5m wide, by 2.4m high, by 10.5m long. It also offers:

  • wind speed range from 4 to 40 metres per second with less than 0.2% turbulence
  • air chiller to control airflow temperature to 19 °C


The tunnel has a 6 component overhead balance and a strut-mounted 'in-car' balance.

The Nutem 6-component overhead balance can be set at any yaw angle. It includes:

  • a concentric turntable independent of the balance
  • strut attachments with adjustable pitch angle

Alternative virtual roll centres at:

  • tunnel centre-line
  • 300mm above moving ground
  • flex-link design with independent load cells for each measurement component

Adjustable maximum load ranges are:

  • lift 300-11000 N
  • fx 258-5000 N
  • fy 645-3350 N
  • yaw moment 83 - 830 Nm
  • pitch moment 83 - 3500 Nm
  • roll moment 165 - 2500 Nm
  • analogue/digital conversion for acquisition of signals

Aerotech 6 component internal balance features include:

  • in model mount from a vertical strut
  • a faired strut with ride height control mounted from Nutem ground frame
  • a strain gauged cage design

Maximum load ranges are:

  • downforce 3600 N
  • drag 900 N
  • side Force 1000 N
  • yaw moment 260 Nm
  • pitch moment 700 Nm
  • roll moment 120 Nm

Other equipment includes:

  • a ZOC pressure scanning system
  • 2D particle image velocimetry

Moving ground

The dimensions of the moving ground are 1.95m wide by 4m long belt, with a speed range up to 40 metres per second. It has a:

  • boundary layer control which gives >99.8% of free stream velocity 2mm above belt

Model scales

The wind tunnel is suitable for up to 50% race car models.

Other equipment

Our tunnel also features:

  • a control and acquisition system
  • motor drive systems for propeller testing

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