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Centre for Risk Research

Jun Neoh PhD in Management Science: “Statistical Modelling of Commuter Decision-Making”

Full-time PhD student funded by the University of Southampton Vice-Chancellor and Faculty Scholarship; Teaching Tutor; Small Business Clinic Co-ordinator

Jun Neoh's Photo

I chose to study at the Centre for Risk Research because of its global reputation in producing fascinating forecasting models. For example, I remember attending a talk at the Centre by a presenter who used a statistical model to predict horse racing results. I was also encouraged and inspired by the faculty members of the CRR, such as Dr Maxwell Chipulu (who has been extremely supportive throughout my research career), Professors Johnnie Johnson and Vanessa Sung, as well as the many wonderful staffs and PhD students. It has been a fun journey!

In 2012, I graduated with Distinction from the University of Southampton with an MSc degree in Risk Management. I then joined the PhD programme at the Centre for Risk Research, where I was awarded the Vice-Chancellor and Faculty Scholarship for my studies.

My PhD thesis, titled “Statistical Modelling of Commuter Decision-Making”, aims to influence commuters to travel in environmentally-friendly ways, using quantitative and operational research methods such as meta-analysis, structural equation modelling, multidimensional scaling, logistic regression and system dynamics. Together with my supervisors, I am working alongside a local transportation planner who will use the results of my findings to strategise transportation policies.

During my PhD, I am also involved in other research projects, including: forecasting corporate financial performance with qualitative data, simulation modelling of a manufacturing line, and modelling of global project management competences. My research has been published in IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management and has also been submitted to other peer-reviewed journals.

I enjoy teaching and am the tutor of quantitative modules at the school for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, including MANG1007 Management Analysis, MANG6122 Simulation and MANG6231 Software for Data Analysis and Modelling. I am also the founding member and co-ordinator of the Small Business Clinic, an initiative run by the Faculty of Business, Law and Art to provide entrepreneurs with professional business and taxation advice.

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