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Centre for Risk Research (CRR)


Explore our research to find out more about our interdisciplinary approach to the analysis and management of risk.
Michael Schaerer,
Christilene du Plessis,
My Hoang Bao Nguyen,
Robbie C.M. van Aert,
Leo Tiokhin,
Daniël Lakens,
Elena Giulia Clemente,
Thomas Pfeiffer,
Anna Dreber,
Magnus Johannesson,
Cory J. Clark,
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Type: article
Christoph Huber,
Anna Dreber,
Jurgen Huber,
Yaniv Hanoch,
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Type: article
Sarist Gulthawatvichai,
& Jeremy Eng-Tuck Cheah
, 2023 , Journal of Prediction Markets , 17 (1) , 39--83
Type: article
Shan Jin,
Beth Clark,
Wenjing Li,
& Lynn J. Frewer
, 2023 , Food Quality and Preference
Type: article